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“Till the Storm Passes By”

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2 “Till the Storm Passes By”
Acts 27 “Till the Storm Passes By” was written by the great gospel songs composer, Mosie Lister (copyright 1958). This song is one of my many favorites of his. He beautifully captures both the fear of the “storms of life” man has, and the trust Christians have in God to keep them safe.

3 Paul’s perilous Journey to Rome as a Prisoner, A.D.60-61

4 The “Storms of Life” Take Many Different Forms:
Some are Physical, John 9:1-34 > v.35-39; Cor.12:7-9 Some are Mental, 2Cor.11:16-27 > v.28! Some are Social, John 4:3-9; Matt.9:10-13 > 11:19; Gal.2:11-13 All are Spiritual, Matt.4:1-11!

5 The “Storms of Life” Have Many Different Causes:
Some are Familial, 2Kings 21:1-26 > 22:1-2 (For another example remember that Jonathan’s father, who was both king and crazy, tried many times to kill his best friend, David!) Some are Worldly, John 15:18-21; 2Tim.3:12 > Luke 6:26 Some are even Congregational, 1Cor.5; 3John 9-11; Rev.3:1-3 > vv.4-5 All become Personal. 2Cor.5:10

6 The “Storms of Life” May take many different forms, and have many different causes, but always have but one: Solution- trusting and abiding in God’s power to save! Psalm 71:1-20 I know you have storms raging in your life- we all do. But do you have the “commandments” and the “rock and fortress” of the Lord to save you? v.3 You can have the confidence of David, if you’ll “dwell with Thee when the storm passes by” (last of the third verse of “Till the Storm Passes By” Hymns for Worship- Supplement, p.50)!


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