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ReviewofJohn Chapters 1 – 8 1. 2 Three Questions Four Answers Ad hominem John 8:19-27.

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1 ReviewofJohn Chapters 1 – 8 1

2 2 Three Questions Four Answers Ad hominem John 8:19-27

3 3 Three Questions 1.“Where is your Father?” – v.19  Rejection of Jesus’ statement about the second witness  Also a reference to the facts surrounding Jesus’ birth  Demeaning and insulting overtones meant as a slur – v.41 Ad hominem John 8:19-27

4 4 Three Questions 2.“Will He kill himself?” – v.22  Jews believed that those who killed themselves went to the lowest part of Hades  Reasoned Jesus had just talked about his death  Arrogance that they were surely going to heaven Ad hominem John 8:19-27

5 5 Three Questions 3.“Who are you?” – v.25  Effect of calling Jesus a nobody  Implied that they rejected all that Jesus had said about himself previously Ad hominem John 8:19-27

6 6 Four Answers 1.God gave them up  “such questions are not asked by those who know him”  This point was so important that Jesus repeated the answer twice – vv.19,23  This type of question was aimed at resisting the truth  Romans 1 speaks to this Ad hominem John 8:19-27

7 7 Four Answers 2.The day of God’s grace  “the day of God’s grace would not last forever”  Jesus referenced His own death – v.21  Jesus also told them they would die  People will use common sense in many areas providing for themselves except when it comes to spiritual things Ad hominem John 8:19-27

8 8 Four Answers 3.No Excuses  “they would die in their sins”– vv.21,24  The Bible teaches that there are two ways to die, in the Lord (Rev. 14:13) or in our sins resulting in death (Rom. 6:23)  Spiritual death results in the separation of our soul and spirit from God Ad hominem John 8:19-27

9 9 Four Answers 4.Separation from God = Hell  Jesus does not mention hell here  The implication is that they are not going where Jesus is going – heaven  The statements are permanent  There is no escape Ad hominem John 8:19-27

10 10 Application There are no technicalities with God. God’s judgments are true, just and final! HOW DOES THIS TRUTH AFFECT YOU? Are you settled in this truth? Does this motivate you to share the good news of the Gospel? Ad hominem John 8:19-27

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