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Grammar Discoveries: Present Perfect or Past Simple.

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1 Grammar Discoveries: Present Perfect or Past Simple


3 Let’s revise the poem: - Who has done the dishes? - Mother has -Who has done the hoovering ? -Father has -Who has helped the parents? - Billy, he`s my brother. -Who has eaten my big sweet? - … Please, give me another!

4 READING [h] – h, wh+o [w] – w, wh+a,e,y,I [r] – r, wr ex.1,2,3 p.42

5 1. I need to DO a lot of housework this weekend. 2. I have MADE such a mess! 3. I haven’t DONE the dishes since Monday! 4. My father likes to DO the ironing! 5. Janet has MADE the beds. 6. After every meal she DID the washing-up. 7. The furniture is dusty. Could you help me to DO the dusting and polishing please? 8. He had a shower, got dressed and then MADE his bed. DO/MAKE



8 Find the rhyme The fox slept in the --- The --- slept in the mitten. The frog slept on the ---. The --- slept on the mat. (box, kitten, log, cat) I’ve broken my --- - I can’t drink tea. I’ve broken my TV set- I can’t --- TV. (cup, watch)

9 Grammar discoveries Present Perfect have has Have/has not V(ed)/3 Have/has you V(ed)/3 ? Past Simple V3(-ed) V 2(-ed) …did not V Did … V ?

10 Eat Ate, eaten Do did, done Have Take Put took,taken had, had put, put



13 It’s time to rest

14 PRACTICE Write down What you have done today: What you did yesterday: What you haven’t done today: What you didn’t do yesterday: _____________________________________________ Clean the room, do the ironing, sweep the floor, wash the dishes, water the flowers, do the dusting, make beds

15 H/W: ex.1p.35(workbook) Gold fish, gold fish, Fulfil my wish: Do my homework every day, Dance with me and sing and play.

16 You are great ! Thank you for your work

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