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BABY got SPINE – CNS that is !

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1 BABY got SPINE – CNS that is !
Jeopardy BABY got SPINE – CNS that is ! You’v Got A Lot Of Nerve! SOOOOO Impulsive A Nervous Wreck “I’ve got PNS right now ! 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500 Final Jeopardy

2 Help (1) Save a duplicate of this template.
(2) Enter all answers and questions in the normal view. (view/normal) (3) Change the category headings in the normal view (view/normal) (4) View as a slideshow. (5) Use the home red button after each question. ©Norman Herr, 2003

3 A-100 ANSWER: Both names for the type of neuron shown here.

4 A-200 ANSWER:Specific name for the type of Neuroglial cell being pointed to by the red arrow. It’s more scientific name is a neurolemmocyte. QUESTION: What are SCHWANN CELLS

5 A-300 ANSWER: In the graph to the right, the blue line indicates a value of –50 mV. What is the name for this value. QUESTION: What is about THRESHOLD

6 A-400 ANSWER: Small vesicles found in the axon bulbs of a Sympathetic motor neuron will house this neurotransmitter. QUESTION: What are NOREPINEPHRINE

7 A-500 ANSWER: The Nerve pathway shown here will release what neurotransmitter, and what affect will it have on the Liver? QUESTION: What is Norepinephrine, and it will cause liver to release glucose.

8 B B-100 ANSWER: At what point (A,B,C, or D) on the graph will Sodium/Potassium pumps turn on. QUESTION: What is Point D A C D

9 B-200 ANSWER: The other more proper scientific term used to describe the upswing phase of an action potential. QUESTION: What is DEPOLARIZATION

10 B-300 ANSWER: These gates open up to initiate the event known as Repolarization. QUESTION: What are the K+ gates

11 B-400 ANSWER: This ion will bind onto contractile filaments to help pull Synaptic Vesicles over to the Pre-Synaptic Membrane. QUESTION: What is CALCIUM (Ca ++)

12 B-500 ANSWER: This specific rapid conduction of a nerve impulse takes place at the unmylenated spots along a nerve fiber. QUESTION: What are SALTATORY CONDUCTION

13 C-100 ANSWER: This system is also known as the “THORACOLUMBAR” division of the autonomic system QUESTION: What is the SYMPATHETIC DIVISION

14 C-200 ANSWER: This enzyme is responsible for the breakdown of Norepinephrine neurotransmitter. QUESTION: What is MONOAMINE OXIDASE

15 C-300 ANSWER: This specific region of the adrenal gland is responsible for the production and release of EPINEPHRINE (Adrenalin) QUESTION: What is the ADRENAL MEDULLA

16 C-400 ANSWER: These two partners work in close proximity to one another to form the “DIENCEPHALON” QUESTION: What are the “HYPOTHALAMUS” and “THALAMUS”

17 C-500 ANSWER: This stage of an action potential is about to take place at “X” QUESTION: What is “RECOVERY” Na + K + X

18 D-100 ANSWER: This structure near the 3rd ventricle is responsible for prioritizing incoming sensory info and shipping it off to the appropriate area of the Cerebrum. QUESTION: What is the THALAMUS

19 D-200 ANSWER: The structure shown here is responsible for helping the medulla with regulating breathing QUESTION: What is the PONS

20 D-300 ANSWER: Both the name of the structure shown here and its main function. QUESTION: What is the CORPUS CALLOSUM and to help connect the right and left hemispheres

21 D-400 Question : What are the SENSORY Axons
ANSWER: The type of neurons forming structure #6 Question : What are the SENSORY Axons

22 D-500 ANSWER: Both the lobe name and the function for the part of cerbral cortex being pointed to here. QUESTION: What is the OCCIPITAL lobe and for VISION

23 E-100 ANSWER: The dorsal root ganglion houses the cell bodies from this type of neuron. QUESTION: What are SENSORY (AFFERENT) NEURONS

24 E-200 ANSWER: The proper name for the 10th (X) cranial nerve, as it is the one responsible for innervating and controlling many internal organs. QUESTION: What is the VAGUS NERVE

25 E-300 ANSWER: The diagram shown here illustrates this division of the autonomic nervous system that would cause this process to take place at the liver. QUESTION: What is the Sympathetic and would RELEASE GLUCOSE

26 E-400 ANSWER: The neurotransmitter shown here is released from axons bulbs found a the end of a long post-ganglionic fiber. QUESTION: What is NOREPINEPHRINE

27 E-500 ANSWER: A long preganglionic fiber followed by a short post ganglionic fiber is would have this effect on the gallbladder. QUESTION: What is the PARASYMPATHETIC DIVISION which would stimulate the gallbladder to release more bile.

28 FINAL JEOPARDY ANSWER: The full proper names of the two hormones that are actually produced in the hypothalamus and stored and released by the posterior pituitary QUESTION: What are OXYTOCIN and ANTIDIURETIC HORMONE

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