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Lecture 8 Oct Thesis paragraph: about 100 words

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1 Lecture 8 Oct.27.2008 Thesis paragraph: about 100 words
Think of chapters: Chapter abstracts hands in next week ex. 'Project Title' 1. Introduction '(thesis statement, theory part)' 1-3 pages 2. Project Description and development '( project abstract, technical challenge and solution, etc)' 2-6 pages 3. Conclusion (1-2 pages)‏ + Bibliography, Appendix,etc

2 Animation in 3D games: character, motion and narrative
Today's topic Animation in 3D games: character, motion and narrative

3 Meaning of animation in 3d CG games
For the class, we will look at Play Station 2 games Animate technology is THE expressive language of the game Out of necessity: Pseudo live-action? Considering relationship of realism and game design

4 Realism, animation media,game medium
from Passive Limited control Viewer to Interactive More control player

5 Meaning of animation media
Traditional media Aesthetic choice Expressive tool Giving life: created motion and expressions Believable characters Game No other way: Functions Virtual puppets: movable, yet limited expression agency

6 Game as narrative medium
Janet Murray: Hamlet on the Holodeck (1997), narratology Espen Aatseth: Cybertext (1977): ludology Conflict between story and interactivity Immersion

7 From animation media point of view
Small use of animation media aesthetic Giving life: who's life is this? You v. character Transition period; strong tendency to use traditional narrative film techniques in games Narrative as logic: introduction segments in games: rhetoric of the game world, explaining piratical rules, exercise Visualization

8 Believable character Movement- dominated by 'control'
Constant reminder of reality Lack of true interactivity Characters without personality: agency Free camera point of view From original to game; crude visualization Game design problem?: Better examples by film directors involved in game design

9 King Kong 2005 by Peter Jackson
Immersible, cinematic 1st person (Jack), 3rd (Kong)‏

10 Arthur and the Minimoys (Luc Besson, 2006)‏
Film: Live action + animated characters Good game design and visualization

11 Tutorial Z brush model Max Skin

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