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Present Perfect Урок-повторение.

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1 Present Perfect Урок-повторение

2 English class History teacher Art to study Music to learn Foreign language to do lines Mathematics to be difficult mark to be good at something lesson to be interesting

3 Цели урока: Обучающие: 1)Повторение лексики по теме «Школа» и грамматического материала по теме «Настоящее совершенное время». 2)Совершенствование навыков устной и письменной речи Развивающие: Развитие интереса к изучению английского языка. Развитие памяти Воспитательные: Воспитание умения работать в команде Тип урока: урок повторение Оборудование: Мультимедийный проектор, презентация, карточки с заданиями для работы в группах.


5 Fill in the letters cla_s tea_her tim_tab_e un_form mus _c f_rei _n
a_t m_rk to k_ow cla_s tea_her tim_tab_e un_form mus _c f_rei _n lan_uag_ p_nis _ment po _ular ma_hem_tics s _hool ph _sics

6 art mark to know class teacher timetable uniform music foreign language punishment popular mathematics school physics

7 The Present Perfect Tense
have V3(-ed) I have written has You have written He has written She has written We have written They have written Have you V3 ? Has he V3? Has she written?

8 be was/ were been get got do did done drink drank drunk come came have had buy bought take took taken say said go went gone eat ate eaten write wrote written

9 Find and correct mistakes
have – hed – had go – wаnt – gone write-wrate-written buy – baught - bought see – saw – sen get – got – get be-wes-been do-did-don drink – drunk – drank say – sad – said

10 «Disagree» 1)She …. ( to learn) the poem.
2)Your friend …. (to get)a good mark. 3)They ….( to do) their homework. 4) The teacher …. ( to come). 5)Our classmate …. ( to read) the text. 6) We …. ( to do) lines.

11 Hands up! Hands down! Shake! Shake! Stand up on the tiptoes! Turn around. Step aside! Step left! Step right!

12 Open the brackets already, yet, just
1) The teacher ….. . ( to come) 2) We …. new words.( to write) 3) Alice …. her translation. ( not/ finish) 4) My new classmate …. books. ( not / take) 5) Andrew ….. his classmate at the station. ( to meet) 6) Somebody …. the door. ( to close)

13 Ask the question 1) We have had dinner. ( What….?) What have you had?
2) She has closed the window. ( What….?) What has she closed? 3) He has eaten the apple. ( What….?) What has he eaten? 4) They have bought a new car. ( What….?) What have they bought ?

14 “Crosses and zeros” 1) mother, visited, her, I, already, have.
2) we, a letter, not, written, have. 3) has, he ,work, finished, not, his. 4) he, zoological, joined, has, society, just, that. 5) drawn, recently, picture, they, have, this. 6) has, vegetables, some, grandmother, fruit, bought, and, 7) Mary, yet, a dress, has, chosen, not. 8) in, opened, already, the classroom, Nick, has, the window . 9) gone , my, just, friends, to school, have.

15 Find the rhyme He has done his ---, He has read about New ---
He has cleaned his ---, He has fed his ---. ( cat, York, homework, flat,)

16 He has done his homework,
He has read about New York, He has cleaned his flat, He has fed his cat.

17 I like to read I like to play I like to study every day. I like to jump I like to play, And it’s fun.

18 Fulfill your friend’s order
Clap your hands Wash your face Drink tea Clean the blackboard Touch the desk Close the book

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