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Getting to The “Roots” Radical Christianity. Getting to The “Roots” Radical Christianity.

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2 Getting to The “Roots” Radical Christianity

3 Christianity Culture Sub-Culture Counter-Culture
“Cultivate” – “What we do in a cultivated society as opposed to what we do instinctively or of biological necessity” “The collected values, tradition, conventional wisdom and accepted practices of a defined community.” (Steve Gregg) Sub-Culture Counter-Culture Christianity

4 Radical Christianity - Root
Reverance For God’s Revealed Word (Psalm 119: ) Don’t add to or take from The prerequisite for Keeping it (Deut. 4:2) One key to keeping the unity of the Spirit (I Cor. 4:6) Having God’s blessings – Avoiding His Wrath (Rev. 22:18-19)

5 Radical Christianity - Root
Total Commitment (Matt. 22:37-38, Gal. 2:20) Jesus’ Pictures: Separate offending body part (Matt. 5:29-30) Let dead bury the dead (Matt. 8:21-22; Matt. 10:37-38) Single Eye – Riches(Matt. 6:22-24 Matt. 19:16-22) Not with me – against me (unclean spirit) (Lk. 11:23-26)

6 Radical Christianity - Root
Evangelistic (Lk. 19:10, Mark 16:15-16) “We should be more interested in the Great Commandment instead of the Great Commission.” How can we love God with all our heart and not seek what is near and dear to His heart? (I Tim. 2:4) Transfer disciples or Make disciples? (Matt. 28:19, Lk. 17:21) Workers of first century no longer walking on earth today – We Are!

7 Roots- Evangelistic Members Involved (Acts 11:19-21, I Pet. 3:15)
Jennifer Kegley “More than a Haircut” (3 John 5-8) Michigan Logging Camp – Keeping Silent (Matt. 13:41) Motivation: The Judgment (2 Cor. 5:10-11) The Love of Christ (2 Cor.5:14)

8 Radical Christianity - Root
Be Salt and Light (Matt. 5:13-16) Properties: Distinguishable from present culture (salt –decay; light-darkness) Penetrates present culture – does not hide Influence can change present culture – glorify Father (I Pet. 2:12) Retains distinction – salt not loosing saltiness (Jn. 17:16)

9 Radical Christianity - Root
Love Your Enemies (Rom. 12:14-21) Reacting to Evil: Bless them that curse you (v.14) Lk. 23:34 Take thought for things honorable in the sight of all men (v. 17) Avenge not self- Give place to God (v.19) Jer. 20:12 Meet the needs of your enemy (v. 20) Psm. 11:6, Prov. 25:22 Overcome evil with Good!

10 Radical Christianity Loving Enemies – Overcoming Evil
Honoring God’s Word – Don’t add –Don’t Subtract Loving Enemies – Overcoming Evil Our Goal: change you for the better! – Salt & Light - Evangelistic Total Commitment – dead to sin alive to God (Rom. 6:11)


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