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Be Careful How You Share

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1 Be Careful How You Share
Tagging Guns Be Careful How You Share

2 Retail Association Services, Inc.
Tagging Gun Safety Clothing and furniture retailers use tagging guns everyday and for the most part they are safe and a reliable tool. Tagging guns have a hollow needle to penetrate the fabric, tag and to deliver a plastic thread fastener, which attaches the price tag to the retail item. Injuries from the needle (needle sticks) are common with retail workers who use tagging guns. Therefore when tagging guns are shared, workers may be exposed to pathogens (disease causing agents such as viruses or bacteria) that are spread though blood (blood borne infections). Retail Association Services, Inc.

3 Blood borne infections are caused by pathogens that are spread through contact with an infected persons blood. Blood borne infections include hepatitis B, hepatitis C and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Although all these infections are serious, treatment is available if testing shows that you are infected. What is important though is to prevent any infections in the first place. That is what we hope to do with this training today, prevent infections from happening. Retail Association Services, Inc.

4 Here is a short video on tagging guns…
How to Use a Tagging Gun Video is Courtesy of WFHA Instruction Video Series Retail Association Services, Inc.

5 Some tagging gun guidelines
Avoid sharing tagging guns with coworkers. If a tagging gun must be shared, you should: Never lend a tagging gun to a coworker with a needle loaded. Always make sure the prior user removes the used needle if a tagging gun is borrowed. Don’t borrow tagging guns – use your own. If you are using a non designated tagging gun, you are to insert YOUR new needle before use and remove YOUR needle after use. Report all tagging gun injuries to supervisor immediately Retail Association Services, Inc.

6 Retail Association Services, Inc.
More guidelines… Take your time and focus on the work you are doing. Most employees state that needle sticks occur more frequently when they are rushing or multi-tasking. Rushing does not save any time if you get yourself injured in the process. The time saved is taken up if paperwork needs to be filled out because you injured yourself. Be safe in doing your job. Never use a gun that has a needle in place, consider it contaminated and remove the needle with caution and properly dispose of the needle. Retail Association Services, Inc.

7 The answer to the problem of possible contamination and infection…
Better safe than sorry or injured or hurt or punctured or contact an infection or worse. Retail Association Services, Inc.

8 Copyright Retail Association Services, Inc.
Thank you for your time and if you have additional questions please contact us at Retail Association Services; ext18 or Any questions? Thank you for coming today! Copyright Retail Association Services, Inc.

9 Retail Association Services, Inc.

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