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Introducing MYOB EXO 8.5 7/8 February 2013 Helm Business Information Systems Ltd.

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1 Introducing MYOB EXO 8.5 7/8 February 2013 Helm Business Information Systems Ltd

2 MYOB EXO V8.5 Overview New module - EXO Accountant’s Assistant General enhancements to EXO Finance Extensive Foreign Exchange improvements GL Reporting improvements Sales order usability Automatically populating extra fields on sales orders EXO hyperlinking protocol Other enhancements

3 EXO Accountant’s Assistant The EXO Accountant’s Assistant is a new module that unifies all accounting related transaction and reporting functions in to a simple to navigate and check list interface designed for external and internal accountants. An intuitive and easy-to-use portal to the accounting functions of EXO Business. The user interface makes use of the new check list widgets to expose relevant accounting data.

4 EXO Accountant’s Assistant Full access is available to key functions relating to the General Ledger. A collection of new financial widgets has been created for this module; these widgets can be added to dashboards anywhere in the EXO Business system. An “Overview for External Advisors” White Paper is available which provides an overview of key areas of the EXO Business system, so that accountants and external advisors can familiarise themselves with the basic concepts and functions they will encounter in EXO Business.

5 EXO Accountant’s Assistant

6 EXO Accountant’s Assistant includes two new dashboard widgets to display relevant information to users. The check list widget builds a structured list of menu procedures and reports for a user to navigate through The ledger reconciliation widget reports on the real time status of the sub-ledgers to the general ledger.

7 Lets Take a Look…

8 EXO Accountant’s Assistant Licensing One user is included with the first EXO Finance user licence, per database Additional User licenses can be acquired as required: Per User; $1,320ALF; $238

9 EXO Finance Enhancements This release includes a variety of improvements and new features aimed at making the EXO Business system more compliant with accounting standards and practices, and easier to use when performing accounting functions. GL Posting Changes – Simplified for an improved user experience Retrospective Reporting – Clarity reports have been changed to use new functions significantly improving performance

10 EXO Finance Enhancements (cont.) Reversing Allocations – Allocation sets can be reversed via right click options on the transaction tabs of debtors and creditors Allow Journals on GL sub-accounts Financial Quarters – Periods are now grouped in to financial quarters. This is maintained from the financial year setup and will be extended in to GL reporting in a future release. Debtor Allocation Ages – The system does not allow the allocation age to be more recent than the age of the youngest transaction in the set.

11 EXO Finance Enhancements (cont.) GL Reporting Enhancements This release includes improvements to the design of GL reports. – Run-time parameters for “Use Clarity”, “Deliver to Excel” and “Periods in same Financial Year” can now be set and stored in the report configuration. – New column ordering feature for 12 month column reports. – New narrative row feature that allows comments to be included in GL reports. – New features GL report validation function checks if the COA was changed since the report was written and prompts the user to review the report. – Preview Pane added to Rows & Columns tab to preview layout and data.

12 EXO Finance Enhancements (cont.) Foreign Exchange This release includes improvements to the process for dealing with foreign currencies and foreign exchange variance calculations. – Separate GL Control Accounts for realised and unrealised foreign exchange variance are now available – Select the periods or dates to source transactions from – Select a previously used exchange rate when entering a historical Debtor Invoice for a foreign account – The Details tab also includes a new section showing the history of rate changes: – Closing currency rates are now recorded for each period. These rates are used for all future valuations relating to the period ending balance.

13 Lets Take a Look…

14 EXO Hyperlinking Clients now have the ability to open EXO Business records from a URL / hyperlink using the EXO:// protocol. This hyperlink can be used both from within EXO Business (Clarity, Grid Widgets and Extra Fields) and outside EXO Business (Emails, web pages, 3rd party applications).

15 EXO Hyperlinking Could be used: from a webpage – e.g. to open a debtor account from your own intranet in an email – e.g. add a link to open an EXO record in an email to a work colleague a third-party application – e.g. add a link to open an EXO record in the EXO Business interface itself – e.g. add an extra field to a dashboard widget The business records accessible via the protocol are detailed in the release notes

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17 Sales Orders Clients now have additional information presented to them on the sales order entry screen to assist with order entry functions. The tool bar has been cleaned up with less common functions moved to a “More Actions” button The sales order information panel now includes more information on the focused line including colour coding of negative stock levels.

18 Sales Orders The supply screen has now been converted to an EXO Grid with all the benefits included such as re-orderable columns, hide / show columns etc.

19 Sales Orders A new “Check Stock Availability” function is available from within a sales orders or at time of conversion or copy of a sales order. The screen will calculate all required back orders and present these to the user. The user can review the data and make changes to the back order quantity as desired.

20 Sales Orders Auto-populating Extra Fields Extra fields on sales order header and lines can now automatically be updated when the user selects or changes either the account number (header) or stock code (lines). Examples may include extra fields from: your stock items (e.g. weight calculations), or data from the debtor account (e.g. usual freight method).

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22 Additional Changes Best prices relating to bill of material output items are now applied at time of entry of the bill of material. CRM users can now convert an opportunity to a sales quotation, a sales order ready for processing by the warehouse, or a new job. – The new option “Create a Sales Order” will process the opportunity to a new sales order and check and set back orders appropriately. – Note: The sales order is not editable by the CRM user.

23 Additional Changes (cont.) Data Verification Changes – Updated to improve performance and functionality. URLs in Database Grids – Grids now support clickable URLs. This feature can be used in conjunction with the EXO protocol in grid widgets to allow drilling direct from a row to the related data. URL Label Type Extra Field – URL Label’s will display a raw URL as a clickable non-editable text string.

24 Additional Changes (cont.) New View GL Batch Transactions right-click option opens the GL Batch Transactions window – Shows all GL transactions associated with the selected transaction. General Ledger transactions can now be grouped to help review data on certain GL & Tax Return transaction grids Timing on Sales Order Deposit reversals corrected – When a deposit was allocated to a Sales Order that had been invoiced in the current period, the journal that cleared the Deposit was aged back to the original deposit period

25 Lets Take a Look…

26 Questions for your site…… Upgrading – Helm has an implementation questionnaire – Does your site need to do a pilot? Extra Fields & URL’s – How does this functionality affect your screen and data requirements or user experience? Menu’s/Dashboards/Widgets – How does this functionality affect your reporting or screen requirements

27 Questions for your site…… Accountant’s Assistant – Who in and around your organisation might benefit from this application? Analytics Module – Who else in your organisation might benefit from the data available from this application? Network Environment – Is your infrastructure and are your user computers of a sufficient standard for everyone to operate efficiently?

28 Noted Issues MYOB’s Enterprise Solutions Compatible Environnent Roadmap is in place. – MYOB will not assist Helm with those issues where the Minimum system requirements are not met. MYOB will assist when the issue can be replicated in a supported environment. – As a minimum for EXO v8.5 “MYOB requires” Windows Server 2008, SQL 2008, Windows Vista, Microsoft Office 2007.

29 Other MYOB News

30 EXO Price Changes Module Software (1-9 users) Annual Licence Fee EXO Finance$3,175$627.50 EXO Job Cost$2,380$460.00 EXO Serviceable Units$1,320$237.50 EXO CRM$1,245$230.00 EXO POS$1,320$237.50 EXO Fixed Assets$950$185.00 EXO Intercompany Consolidation$4,495$895.00 MYOB EXO Additional Companies (5 company pack)$3,175$627.50 MYOB has announced Price changes for EXO Business effective from 1 April 2013

31 2013 Developments for EXO Mobile functionality (1 st half of 2013) – tbc but Mobile CRM and/or Mobile Jobs Hosted EXO (2 nd half of 2013) Mailshot Emailing is coming to the batch invoice printing process in a near release

32 Are you getting the most from your EXO system? Fully integrated CRM Business Analytics/Dashboard reporting Barcode scanning eCommerce Web site integration EDI functionality Scanning to transactions Hosted EXO solutions

33 Thank you for attending

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