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What’s new in WebSpace Changes and improvements with Xythos 7.2 Effective June 24, 2010 1.

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1 What’s new in WebSpace Changes and improvements with Xythos 7.2 Effective June 24, 2010 1

2 New & Improved Features  New: –Customize view –Thumbnails –Quick Views –Drop Box –Tags in quick search –Private comments –User your own e-mail client for notices  Improved –Navigation –Bookmark & Search management –Bread crumb trail / status bar for wizards. –Folder Creation (process includes configuration, turning on of subscriptions, versioning, logging) 2

3 Customize View 3 Choose “View” from upper right toolbar.

4 Customize View 4 Standard two window interface to make selections.

5 Customize View 5 Drop down menu to select classification.

6 Customize View 6 List of fields associated with specific classifications.

7 Customize View 7 Don’t forget to go to “View” option and choose “Save layout…” to keep fields.

8 Thumbnails 8 From the right toolbar menu, choose “Thumbnail View”…

9 Thumbnails 9 Icons replace list view.

10 Thumbnails 10 Once you have chosen a thumbnail view, you will see a slider appear under the right toolbar menu, allowing you to size your thumbnail icons.

11 Quick Views 11 Right click on file, choose “Quick View” from drop down.

12 Quick Views 12 You may browse all your files from here.

13 Drop Box  For use with netIDs ONLY! (Currently cannot share with outsiders.)  Content seen ONLY by owner of drop box and owner of file.  When creating the drop box: –You must supply a title. (Description and open and close times are optional.) –You will search for potential submitters, create a list, and add them. –You may choose to “launch” the drop box upon completion.  You MUST take the second step (from the drop box) of mailing a link to your potential submitters. (This is not a part of the creation process as it is for folders.) 13

14 Drop Box 14 Beginning the creation of a drop box… You must supply a title. Description and open/close dates are optional.

15 Drop Box 15 Search for users and groups.

16 Drop Box 16 1.Highlight user name. 2.Click “Add User/Group”

17 Drop Box 17 Once you have created a list of users for the drop box…

18 Drop Box 18 You must check each user you want to add to the drop box, then click “Finish”…

19 Drop Box 19 You will be notified that you have successfully created the drop box and you may launch it or exit.

20 Drop Box 20 The resulting drop box. Don’t forget that you must email the link to users.

21 Tags in Quick Searches 21 Any tagged item may be found in a quick search.

22 Tags in Quick Searches 22 Quick search on “Cancun” yields…

23 Tags in Quick Searches 23

24 Private Comments 24 Right click on file, then navigate drop downs to “Comments.”

25 Private Comments 25 Note additional drop down to choose between “public” and “private.

26 Use your e-mail client for tickets 26 1. Choose “Setup”… 2. Then “Email Settings… 3. Choose your preference… 4. Then “Apply.”

27 Navigation 27 Menu at top left assures you can always go home and have easy access to bookmarks and searches…

28 Bookmark & Search Management 28 You may manage your WebSpace bookmarks and searches in much the way you would in a browser.

29 Bread Crumb Trail / Status Bar 29 Displayed during sharing and folder creation operations.

30 Folder Creation – Changes & Improvements  Bread crumb trail added to make process less confusing.  Drop down search is gone. Search takes place in box that lists names.  Configuration of the folder is now part of the creations process – no need to go to permissions. 30

31 Folder Creation – Changes & Improvements 31 Starting a new folder. Note bread crumb trail.

32 Folder Creation – Changes & Improvements 32 User search now in floating window.

33 Folder Creation – Changes & Improvements 33 You may finish at this point or go on to configure.

34 Folder Creation – Changes & Improvements 34 Configure individual user permissions.

35 Folder Creation – Changes & Improvements 35 Configure subscriptions, logging, versioning.

36 Folder Creation – Changes & Improvements 36 Send email.

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