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Adding Value – “Audience First” Benefits of an audience-centric approach Joyce Neth, WATT Global Media Toni Nevitt, eMediaAdvantage.

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1 Adding Value – “Audience First” Benefits of an audience-centric approach Joyce Neth, WATT Global Media Toni Nevitt, eMediaAdvantage

2 WATT & the journey to Audience First Who we are How did we know? Enabling technology & implementation Two examples What’s next?

3 Nearly 100 years of publishing experience Legacy of global expertise in animal agriculture markets –Poultry –Pig –Animal feed –Pet food

4 Print and Digital Magazines

5 Online

6 Conferences and Exhibitions

7 Marketing Services & Lead Gen Webinars White papers Content marketing Market research

8 Losing sleep in 2008 We needed to: Reduce list fatigue Focus on quality vs quantity Increase our revenue per reader Lower our operational expenses Balance our revenue model Better position for long term success

9 Stark realization If you don’t adopt a customer-centric approach, you can’t grow “Follow the audience”

10 The holy grail in publishing? The right content, to the right person, in the right format, for the right purpose at the right time

11 What our quest needed Strong executive support ($) Embrace risk Project management Understanding of “Data” E-Marketing expertise Good application partner Editorial cooperation Sales management support

12 Eproducts Print Websites Social 3 rd Party Lead Gen Marketing Events & Webinars Single consolidated and reconciled intelligence

13 Consensus Audience Profile Print Subscribers E-newsletter Subscribers Event & Webinar Registrations Email Opens & Clicks Content Taxonomy Website Views Tradeshow Badge Swipes Ecommerce Whitepaper Requests Consensus Profile Demographic + Behavioral + Contextual

14 Our markets have broad reach Global Ag Reach 92,940 Global Petfood Industry Reach 39,700 Gross 132,604 Net 121,477

15 WATT Agribusiness Global reach: audience in 194 countries Magazines E-Newsletters Website registrants, webinars, whitepapers, custom publications Total audience reach (unduplicated): 92,940

16 “Right” Impact Optimum user engagement Maximum rate of advertiser return Greatest organizational efficiency

17 Demographic data Name Title Address Company E-mail Basic Qualification

18 Behavioral data Subscribes Registered user Attended Downloaded

19 Contextual Data Capture user engagement in editorial content, by topic

20 Lead Score: 95 Consensus Profile Name: Kara Way Title: Live production manager Company: Eggs R Us Address: 1 Efficiency Drive City: Itasca State: IL Zip: 60143 Country: United States Phone: 312.555.1212 Email: Function: Poultry production Print: PoultryUSA Newsletters: Poultry Update, Feed Enews Events: Petfood Forum Top Content Clicks: Animal welfare, Organic Feed 3 rd Party Offers Opt in: 3x last 60 days

21 Taking it to market Showcase tool for sales team Show richness of data Better identify targets for clients We’ll find the right people by their profile, not by product

22 Value of segmentation Incorporating demographic, behavioral and contextual information Understanding the lead process from a client perspective Identifying niches within our niche Creating new products for clients

23 New Audience Sales paradigm You are not leading with ads in your products. You are leading with your unified audience data and the intelligence available within.

24 Broad awareness Multi channel Net audience We examine targets by how many we have Precise targeting Of highly engaged individuals

25 What they are doing

26 865 Senior Execs Engaged in desired content Topic across all channels Only target those that have shown interest

27 Geo-targeting for events


29 What’s next? Data visualization

30 What’s next? Lead scoring Old way: Run a query on specific demographic that subscribes to a newsletter or signed up for a webinar (travel agents looking for information on the Caribbean) and sell an e-mail blast against that demographic. New way: Look at fully engaged customers—users who clicked on articles, signed up AND attended webinars. That’s the cream of the crop. Now do a deeper dive against those customers, such as geographic similarities. Now the sales opportunity includes road shows, custom events, last minute expo invites, etc.

31 What’s next? Drive engagement Social media is the next frontier LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Uncover ‘hidden’ audience that would otherwise be anonymous Content marketing with our own content Chain of communications triggered by interactions

32 Taking risks Audience marketing -- risk takers, we test, we try, we fail We can’t afford to wait We're the voice of the customer

33 Results So Far Webinars – increased by 800% (2011- 2014) last 4 years Digital –102% increase

34 Moving in the right directions

35 WATT continues to transform its business strategy, technology, partnerships and sales & marketing methodology from magazine circulation-centric to audience data-centric.


37 Thank you! Questions? Joyce Neth 815-966-5500

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