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Introducing Quick Heal Terminator.

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1 Introducing Quick Heal Terminator

2 Terminate gateway-level threats with future-ready security

3 Quick Heal TERMINATOR Unified Threat Management Solution
A solution that emerged out of the need to stop blended and insider threats and newer attack techniques that target the user as the weakest link for corporate information systems. Ability to perform multiple security functions in a single appliance and managed through a single console. A comprehensive solution. Recent inception in network security industry since 2004. The term Unified Threat Management (UTM) was originally forged by IDC , a leading IT market research firm.

4 Why do SMBs need UTM? Targeted Espionage
Target is intellectual property or operational data Network shutdown due to bogus traffic Commercially sensitive information leaks High potential revenue per unit Spear Phishing, Hacking, Backdoor Entry Ability to act is targeted Network Service disruption & degradation Data pilferage| Medium revenue per unit

5 Why do SMBs need UTM? Mass Internet Attacks – DOS, DDOS
Drive by exploits Websites knocked online Bandwidth, disk space or CPU time unavailable to its intended users Port Scan Infiltrations Exposes open and/ or unprotected ports to criminals who can gain access to networks Wi-Fi Sniffing Illegally capture and decode other people’s data Gain Internet access unethically

6 Why do SMBs need UTM? Poor network security
Competence being the best asset, one data leak can ruin all that effort Repercussions to your credibility, reputation and finances Budget constraints to appoint experts for IT security needs. Typical attackers do not target individuals or businesses – they target vulnerabilities. Every computer attached to the Internet is a target.

7 Why do attackers want any and all networked computers?
Any PC can be used as a spam relay. Any PC can be used as an illegal file repository. Any PC can help put a foe out of business. Any PC can host a phishing site.

8 Quick Heal TERMINATOR for ROBO/SOHO Quick Heal TERMINATOR for SME Quick Heal TERMINATOR for Enterprise

9 Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware
Internet Firewall Inspection Intrusion Prevention URL Filtering Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware VPN Remote Users Users

10 Network Security Connectivity Productivity

11 Robust Network Security
Quick Heal TERMINATOR Features for Robust Network Security

12 Firewall Administrators can block or allow access, for each protocol, to each internal network, user and user group.

13 IDS/IPS Prevents network from mass attacks like DOS and DDOS so that the network remains unaffected from remote and sync flood attacks.

14 User Based Access Control
Restricts or authorizes Internet access for users based on authentication credentials.

15 Gateway Mail Protection
Scans inbound and outbound messages and attachments. AntiSpam scans and runs a series of tests on inbound messages.

16 Category-wise Web Filtering
Prevent viewing inappropriate web sites.

17 Content Filtering Prevents download of specific files and applications based on file extensions.

18 Gateway Anti-Virus protection provides another layer augmenting existing desktop virus solutions.

19 Active Directory/LDAP Support
Automatically connects and syncs with existing Active Directory/LDAP and updates user base.

20 Seamless Connectivity
Quick Heal TERMINATOR Features for Seamless Connectivity

21 VPN Provides the IT administrators means for secure communications with the company’s remote users and for building secure site-to-site connections.

22 Bandwidth Manager Simplifies the IT administrator’s task of allocating bandwidth on the basis of usage among users and user groups and saves the bandwidth cost of the company as you spend only on what you need.

23 IPv6 Enabled The appliance is ready to support IPv6 based networks.

24 Load Balancing Allows multiple ISPs to be used in a network simultaneously enabling users to utilize the same gateway irrespective of the ISP lines.

25 Automatic Link Failover
Automatically diverts the data traffic from inactive ISP to active ISP lines in case any of the ISP lines fail to perform.

26 Multiple LAN/WAN/DMZ Zone Configuration
Flexible interfaces which can be configured for local network, Internet and DMZ.

27 Enhanced Productivity
Quick Heal TERMINATOR Features for Enhanced Productivity

28 Detailed Reports Provides on appliance extensive reporting of top websites accessed, policy breaches and bandwidth usage.

29 Role based Administrator Support
Different levels of access to TERMINATOR console depending on the role of the Administrator.

30 Log Viewer Allows system admin to see all the events happening on the appliance viz. log in any changes made to settings

31 User Friendly User Interface
User Interface Graphical Dashboard gives immediate status of critical security situations that need immediate attention.

32 SMS and Email Notifications
Allows notifications to be sent to configured addresses and numbers. These notifications would alert the network administrator of critical network events such as detection of viruses, intrusions, update notifications, license expiry date, etc.

33 Employee Productivity
Role based access control.

34 Bandwidth Manager Simplifies the IT administrator’s task of allocating bandwidth on the basis of usage among users and user groups and saves the bandwidth cost of the company as you spend only on what you need.

35 IT Policy Management On device comprehensive logging and reporting. User friendly web-based configuration.

36 Quick Heal TERMINATOR Streamlined Performance, Scalability to meet growth & simplified Management

37 Business Benefits Safe working environment, Employee Productivity, Cost- effective bundled solution, Regulatory Compliance

38 Financial Benefits Consolidated Cost-effective Solution, Optimum use of IT Resources

39 Technological Benefits
Cumulative Network security, Plug-and-Play Solution, Extensive Support for your Quick Heal TERMINATOR

40 No matter how big or complex, the enterprise network is, with:
Quick Heal TERMINATOR Managing security is made simple.

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