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HD Media Recorder VGA/AV Live Broadcasting and Recording Solution.

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1 HD Media Recorder VGA/AV Live Broadcasting and Recording Solution

2 Introduction HD Media Recorder is a powerful live-streaming and recording system with complete video management which can reach full-functional video broadcasting, recording, editing, uploading and playing. It not only allows users to watch live video remotely, but also support VOD (Video on Demand) function that user can freely choose any recorded video to review from webpage. Furthermore, the user-friendly video management help controller operate the system more easily and conveniently! The application is various such as e-learning, distant education, conference, training, and any live show etc.

3 Features HD Multi-channel Broadcasting & Record Capable to live-broadcast and record 3 channels (1 VGA/ 2 AV) simultaneously and support high definition up to 1920x1440. Play the HD video smoothly and support USB flash copy and DVD-ROM burning function without any additional add-in program. Complete Video Management Include multi-functional servers including Apache, SQL, FTP, and VOD on one system which simplify system control and operation. The video will be automatically uploaded to web for users to freely review. System manager can easily manage video from user-friendly interface; for example, editing video information, categorizing, and independent account management etc. In addition, system manager can remotely observe and control system through web-based platform for convenient and easy operation. User-Friendly Access Platform User can watch the live or recorded video by logging in HD media recorder webpage. After log-in, user can simply choose target video and the window size can be freely adjusted by user while playing. Practical searching function helps user quickly find out certain video according to time, name, review record or category.

4 Structure

5 Application Diagram

6 Application

7 System Function 1.Recording & Live-Broadcasting  Support high quality VGA and VIDEO recording and live-broadcasting with low bandwidth consumption.  Simultaneously record 3 input signals: 2 Videos, 1 VGA, and 1 Audio.  Support VGA input resolution from 800x600 to 1920x1440.  Support HDMI capture for high quality video 720P and 1080I.  Encoder supports NVIDIA-CUDA/Intel Sandy bridge-CPU/Software with 3 quick-setting patterns (high, medium and low)  Support manual-recording, auto-recording, live-recording and live-broadcasting.  Support H.264 codec of FLV format.  Compatible OS: Vista/Win 7/Windows2008 and above. 2.Video Editing  Post-production program to edit the inserted video and define video chapter.  Video editor for video frequency synchronization, chapter editing and so on.  Able to insert wording marquee and graphic to each video.

8 3.Administrator Management  Compatible Web management with user-friendly interface.  Support Pelco_D control protocol to remote control speed dome camera.  Administrator can monitor the status of encoders and streaming server.  With task-configuration record to record every system activities.  The automation function can automatically execute system after booting.  Web-based management platform allows the administrator to establish user authorization and manage video information and data protection.  File management includes broadcasting, recording, copying, burning, code-transferring, and uploading functions.  Administrators can directly control multiple consoles by Web-based remote control function.  Scheduling function to set the video recording or live-broadcasting time in advance.  Support forwarding server while live-broadcasting to reduce the burden of main server.  Administrator can observe the review record to see who had reviewed certain video. 4.Video Review Platform  Each user has one’s own web platform which can be freely used according to user habit.  The platform interface is easy-to-understood and simple-to-use.  Independent 3-channels video playing which users can freely switch video position and adjust size.  Complete searching function to search for certain data by date, sector, group, video name and so on.  Support FLASH player.

9 Software Screen Shot User-friendly interface with organized category program which helps system manager operate easily.

10 Software Screen Shot Able to set the video quality according to application environment. Practical Video editing to freely add subtitle or logo.

11 Software Screen Shot Users can play video and freely decide which video to be the major screen according to requirement. VIDEO1 on major screen VIDEO2 on major screen and video size adjusted Full-screen Review

12 ModelVP-HD2000VP-HD3000VP-HD5000 SpecificationStandardRackmountPortable CPU Intel i5 2500 or above Motherboard Intel H67 high-speed Chipset MemoryDDR3-1333 2GB x 2 dual channel Hard Disc SATA III(6GB/S) 1T 7200RPM , buffer memory DVDSATA DVD R/W LANRealtek RTL8111E(10/100/1000Mb/s) HD Graphic ChipsIntel HD Graphics NVIDIA Graphic CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX460 Sound Card High Definition Audio , supports.1/7.1sound track Signal Capture Card 1 channel HD VGA input, Hz line-by-line scanning pattern, support resolution up to 1920x1440 60Hz 2 channels high quality CVBS VIDEO inputs, Support standard NTSC/PAL video frequency, 720x480 30fps 1 audio input, capture rate.05/32/44.1KHz PCI-E 1X ServerSupport VISTA/Windows 7/2008 Power Supply 80 Plus 300W power550W active type Case Appearance TFT LCD 1024x768 104Key Keyboard PS2 Touch Pad Size (WxHxD)435 x 94 x 378mm430 x178 x 605mm462 x 336 x 253mm

13 Please feel free to contact us for more details. SINEW Technology Co., Ltd. No.528, Sec.4, Henana Rd., Nantun Dictrict, Taichung City, Taiwan 408 TEL : 886-4-23818687 FAX : 886-4-23810153 E-mail : Website :

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