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SDL Proprietary and Confidential Project Workflow Management Michael Davis – Principal Business Consultant.

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1 SDL Proprietary and Confidential Project Workflow Management Michael Davis – Principal Business Consultant

2 How do I create the Users, Groups, Teams, and Roles that I need to manage my project? –User Desktop Creation –Assigning Roles –Building and using Workpools How do I get my Data into Contenta CSDB? –DMRL (Data Module Requirements List) and IRL (Illustration Requirements List) Upload Tool SNS Creation and Management –Define DMRL and IRL –Manage DMRL and IRL How do I manage my S1000D once it is in Contenta S1000D CSDB? –Project Creation –Workflow Creation Objectives - Discuss S1000D Project Creation Concepts 2

3 How do I create a Contenta S1000D Workflow and then configure it? Drag and Drop Project Connectors Objectives - Discuss S1000D Project Management 3

4 With the introduction of Contenta S1000D 5.0, Contenta Explorer (Fat Client) and Contenta Web (No install Browser Client) have been synchronized with a common look and navigation. User Desktops, Roles, Workpools and other admin functions are easily created and modified from either client as “sysadmin”. How do I create the Users, Roles, and Teams I need? 4

5 User Desktops allow users the ability to login into Contenta S1000D –Access to objects is granted via dragging objects onto the user desktop –Properties for each object available on Tab –User can easily see all of his/her work via the Assignments area. –Projects associated with that user show up under the Project Management area. User Desktops 5 Properties Properties

6 To create user desktops you must be logged in as sysadmin Create Desktop 6 Right Click Click Press OK Enter New User Name, Login Name, Password and then select Role Newly Created User Desktop

7 Contenta users are assigned at least one role when the users’ desktops are created. –Roles are associated with tasks when the ProjMan or SysAdmin configures the project workflow. – When a role is associated with a task, users assigned that role can be assigned to the task. User Roles – Description and Use 7 Click

8 Workpools allow you to group users into one role (the workpool) so you can assign them all to the same task in a project to work simultaneously. –You can make as many workpools as you like to support your internal business processes. Think of Workpool as a team or group. Workpools – Description and Creation 8 Right Click Click Write in Name Select Users Press Ok Notice that new workpool has been created and when members desktops are explanded the workpool is visible

9 S1000D Provides a mechanism called the DMRL (Data Module Requirements List) –Contenta S1000D utilizes the DMRL to perform the following functions: A data module requirements list is used to identify the required data modules for a project The data module requirement list supports planning, reporting, production and configuration control A data module requirements list can be generated in parts or in a complete form –Partial DMRL may be provided to partner companies or subcontractors Direct Load of already created Data Modules, Pub Modules, ICN’s or DDN’s How do I get my Data into Contenta S1000D CSDB 9

10 SDL has created two ways for your company to create and manage DMRL files. 1.Support of the actual DML file upload directly into the upload screen 2.Support for Comma Separated Values contained within spreadsheet or text file Best Practice to use the CSV file route as it is much easier to visually maintain and sort on fields of your choice. – DMRL Creation and Management 10 Header Row identifies each individual part of the DMC/PMC/ICN

11 If you do not wish to create a DMRL via spreadsheet or direct DML XML editing you can utilize the Contenta S1000D suite of Tools to create all parts of your project metadata. SNS creation and maintenance tools are accessed via the S1000D object in CW/CE SNS Creation and Maintenance 11 Right Click Click on S1000D Upload

12 Ability to accept the following types of files: –Data Module, Pub Module, DDN, ICN, DMRL S1000D Upload to Configuration Screen 12 Drag and Drop files here

13 Load DMRL Example 13 APACHESHORTBOW doesn’t yet exist within DMRL

14 Drag files onto interface and then view results of existence check, well formed check, and upload success Upload Screen in Action 14 Notice Feedback Column provides a report on each DMC/PMC/ICN which has been created during upload

15 Screen has reported on duplicates, well formed XML, link creation, and upload success Upload Screen Success with DMC/PMC/ICN 15 Notice Name, Type, Issue No. and Feedback are all reported on individually

16 During the DMRL loading process Contenta S1000D reads and interprets each line of the DMRL –The SNS for all Data Modules and ICN’s is auto created and immediately available for use –Each Data Module, Pub Module, or ICN is available to be created on demand via the Define DMRL and IRL or Manage DMRL and IRL screen –DDN’s are automatically created under the Dispatch container and available for immediate use. What happens during a DMRL Load? 16

17 Now that we have created a new Program by uploading our DMRL we can Manage DMRL/IRL one of two ways –Directly by SNS –Or via System, Subsystem, SubSubsystem, Unit or Assembly Manage DMRL and IRL 17 Select Program If you wish to manage by System, Subsystem, SubSubSystem then click radio button

18 Contenta S1000D Projects –Contenta Projects are object is used to group data that is to be written, edited, revised, or otherwise modified and put through an approved workflow –Data in the project is isolated from the stable “gold” data and your published documents until all work is approved and you post the updates Projects can only be created by sysadmin or ProjMan user roles –Typically Project Manager does the following: Creates Project underneath WIP (Work in Process) container Assigns a specific workflow to a project Identifies users to the specific tasks within a workflow Populates project with objects which need authoring or revision Responsible for “Posting” the project data back to the Stable “Gold” data when the project is complete. How do I manage my Data once it is in Contenta S1000D CSDB? 18

19 Log in as a Project Manager –Navigate to WIP Folder and add new Project Create New Contenta Project 19 Right Click Click Fill in Name Fill in Date Press OKPress OK Select workflow New Project

20 Once Logged in as Project Manger return to highlight project within WIP container and rightclick Add Team Members to Project 20 Right Click Click Select Role Select Users Add Users to Team Press OK

21 Add newly defined data modules and ICN’s to your project by returning to Manage DMRL and IRL screen Create New Data Modules From uploaded DMRL 21 Right Click Click Select SDC SNS and Information Codes Hit Search to find all DMC’s Hit Create from Do action Menu to create selected DMC’s Notice that all Data Modules have now been created

22 Once you have created the new data modules from template or via direct upload you can then easily assign them to a project from within the Define DMRL and IRL screen or via copy/paste from CE/CW. Assign newly created Data Modules to Project 22 Select all Data Modules to be assigned to project and select “Assign to” from drop down menu Select your newly created project from Project drop down menu All selected Data Modules have now been added to your project All newly added Data Modules are visible under project

23 Projects have workflows that define the tasks, roles, and users whom are assigned to the individual tasks within the workflow timeline. Workflows can be created or modified from the CE or CW screen –Suggested just to use the Contenta Explorer Client as it is easier to use Workflow Management and Creation 23

24 Workflow Creation 24 Click click Enter Name Click OK Click on Writing Step to select and then drag cursor to area on page to place Writing step now exists and can be modified to add users by right clicking and selecting properties Click on Review task to select and then drag review task onto canvas area Right Click on Review task and repeat steps from writing step Select Task Route and then click start object and drag the route to the Writing step. The route actually connects the steps. Repeat Task route steps to connect other objects Make a task with a return route by clicking a new route that goes the other direction from the original route Right Click on Tasks to edit properties. You can add due dates and user roles and workpools Right Click on Task Routes to add custom “triggers” or or other events After choosing trigger either click OK or cancel Click Save

25 Upcoming Events Fall Webinar Series: S1000D Customer Use Cases Starting in September Details coming soon S1000D in Action Webinar Series Session 1 How to Use the BREX Builder [recording] Session 2 Enhancing the IETP User Experience [recording] Session 3 The Power of Applicability [recording] Session 5 Building and Delivering Publications 6/28/2012 Session 6 Enhancing the Clarity and Language Quality of Technical Documentation 7/25/2012 Register at under S1000D Events S1000D User Forum Denver, CO June 18-21 ATA e-Business Forum Scottsdale, AZ October 22-24

26 What is the MNS? – Master Naming Scheme – Not part of S1000D Step One – Define and Manage MNS 26 Enter New MNS Name Enter Description Here

27 Q & A Got questions? Thanks for joining us!

28 Copyright © 2008-2012 SDL plc. All rights reserved.. All company names, brand names, trademarks, service marks, images and logos are the property of their respective owners. This presentation and its content are SDL confidential unless otherwise specified, and may not be copied, used or distributed except as authorised by SDL.

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