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Portland Centricity ® User Group Meeting January 29, 2015.

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1 Portland Centricity ® User Group Meeting January 29, 2015

2 And you thought EHR was tough to learn…..


4 Financial Opportunity Is your billing process inefficient Do you have high staff turnover Are you a new provider What priorities do you want to focus on?

5 Portland Centricity ® User Group Meeting January 29 th, 2015

6 Who We Are IT/computer consulting firm Established in 1997 12 network consultants (18 staff) 66 of 175 clients are small/mid-sized clinics Vast majority use Centricity® via HealthCo HealthCo’s preferred IT partner in Oregon Lot’s of mutual clients with HePS – (she’s a client of ours too )

7 Why We’re Different No Long-term Contracts Hourly Billing or Fixed-fee No Mileage/Travel Charges Featuring: 24/7 Help Desk/End-user Support HIPAA & Compliance Assistance EHR / PM Selection & Support Hardware & Software Sales Vendor Relations Management 24/7 Server Monitoring & Alerts Medical Practice Interfacing: Hospital, Lab, Radiology, EKG Ultrasound, Spirometry, etc.

8 Some of Our Clients The Children’s Clinic Longview Orthopedic Pediatric Associates of the Northwest Cascade Eye Center Longview Urology Hillsboro Pediatrics Columbia Pain & Spine Institute Westside Pediatric Clinic Sunset Pediatrics Portland Plastic Surgery Group Comprehensive Neurosurgical Consultants Portland Pain & Spine Maple Street Clinic Mountain View Medical Center Oregon Reproductive Medicine Vivid Eye Care Waldorf Center for Plastic Surgery …and many more

9 CPS Version 12 What’s New?

10 Agenda  PM Enhancements  Account Summary  Desktop/Chart View  New EMR Forms  New and Updated MEL/Data Symbols

11 PM Enhancements

12 “Guarantor Based” New Options

13 Billing Notes

14 Open a patient’s chart summary from registration

15 Configure default Quantity and Type of Unit of Measure for Drugs

16 Chart Contributor has been changed to Chart Access

17 Security (if upgrading from CPS95)

18 Security – Increased Granularity

19 Account Summary

20 Account Summary is a new component in CPSv11 or later versions This component was created as a centralized place to review account information and troubleshoot patient account status. The module provides financial summary information for a guarantor account (total balances and aging) and transaction history with detailed ledger information for each visit within a guarantor’s responsibility.

21 Users must first be given access to Account Summary in Security before being able to view the component. Set Up:



24 The Find Patient button allows users to search for a patient or guarantor. In the demographics area, any patients linked to the guarantor will display. By highlighting each patient, you would see their individual insurance information. Demographics Area:

25 If you wanted to view the same information displayed in the Demographics section now, you would have to open up multiple registration windows and go back and forth between the Patient and Insurance tabs.

26 Don’t forget your Patient Alert Notes messages…

27 Having it all right there in one place without having to navigate through multiple windows or tabs is a great thing! Account Summary Demographics Area – is a helping hand!

28 Both the Financial Summary and Transaction History sections display data regarding all visits of all patients associated with the Guarantor. The Financial summary gives a quick snapshot of the balance aging and last patient payment received Financial Summary:

29 If you wanted to view this same information now, you would need to: Open the Guarantor’s record in the Registration component Click on the Get Financial History button

30 Then view the information regarding each patient under the Guarantor

31 The Transaction Summary shows an individual summary for all visits for the patients associated with the guarantor. If needed, users can drill down into a visit to examine it by clicking on the ticket # and it will open the visit in the Billing component. Transaction History:

32 If you wanted to view this same information now, you would need to: Open the Patient’s record in the Registration component Click on the Get Patient History button

33  Repeat for each patient linked to the Guarantor

34 Go to the Billing Component to view the Visits related to the Guarantor to see the Visit Statues for each visit.

35 Account Summary Financial Summary and Transaction History helps you see a Patient’s Account from Head to Toe!

36 Comparison Views: The Comparison Views button allows users to look at 2 account summaries side by side

37 Dock/UnDock/Close: There are 3 icons located in the upper right portion of the Patient’s Account Summary window. The icon that looks like a partially unbent paperclip is the undock icon so you can undock this account summary and move it around your window. The open square is the dock icon. The X icon closes the account summary for the patient you are looking at, not the Account summary component.

38 Desktop/Chart View

39 New Look and Feel to the Desktop

40 New Ribbon View


42 Ability to add custom HTML links to your left navigation pane that open within Centricity

43 Ability to add a URL using Set Up a Command function to open a new Web Page outside of Centricity


45 Example: adding Centricity EDI dashboard, ESM Console, HealthCo Client Login to your links

46 Security settings to add Custom Links and Commands

47 New Look and Feel to the Chart

48 Ability to minimize the ribbon

49 New EMR Forms




53 MU Core Checklist

54 Family History – CCC Basic

55 Family History - HealthCo

56 Urgent Care Management

57 New PPD Form

58 New Immunization Management Form




62 New Medication Administration Form


64 New Care Plan Management Form

65 Updated Risk Factors-CCC Form

66 Updated Risk Factors-HealthCo Form

67 Updated Problems-CCC Form

68 Updated Patient Instructions-CCC Form

69 Updated CPOE A&P-CCC Form



72 Meaningful Use Updates in CPS12

73 HealthCo recorded webinars are posted to our website




77 HealthCo provides consulting services to assist in upgrade training as well as Meaningful Use Consulting. Please Contact: Andrea Cunningham Director, Professional Services

78 Managing Reimbursements Easy Money? Women’s Healthcare Associates Lana Giacomelli Business Office Manager & Jennifer Santos Reimbursement Supervisor

79 Payment Options for Patient Balances (hint- make it easy for your patients to pay you!) 1.Use of your portal for one time payments and/or setting up payment plans 2.Ability for a guarantor to make a one time payment from your website 3.CCOF (credit card on file) (we don’t use this – YET, but are considering it!) A CCOF program facilitates the collection of a credit or debit card from each patient and requires that this card be used for copayments, coinsurance and deductibles. You may collect an estimate of what is due at time of service and/or charge the credit card when the payer pays the claim.

80 Utilizing GE Centricity Technology to Streamline Workflows 1.EDI services and website – offers good visibility of the claims process 2.EFT – the key to eliminating the use of ‘virtual credit cards’ 3.ERA – automatically posting your insurance payments Establish a team to manage the project Be prepared for frustrations in setting up each carrier transaction column set (lessons learned - questions to ask to save time) ERA can be ‘turned on’ by carrier. We started with smaller payers to get used to the workflow change. Now at 85% of all carriers on ERA.

81 Managing your team with Centricity Task Management Assigning Security A/R Distribution Building Queues Adding Criteria Assigning Tasks Follow Up and Monitoring Questions

82 Assigning Security Task Management: Assign all users that will be using this module Everything else should be the person building and assigning tasks.

83 AR Distribution

84 Building Queues

85 Name your Queue Name must be unique and not include any previous queue names Assign Users Include anyone who will be working the queue along with the user who will be assigning tasks and anyone else you want to be able to view it.

86 Adding Criteria Company Current Insurance Carrier Current Insurance Group Days Since Last Filed Days Since Procedure Department Facility Patient Last Name Procedure Balance Provider Resource Visit Deposit Balance Visit Insurance Balance Visit Owner Visit Patient Balance Visit Status

87 How you run your department will determine the way you setup your queues. **Make sure to Save your queue!

88 Queues Each queue updates every night How to manually run a queue Open Task Management Build Queues Select the Queue you want to run Run Queue

89 Assigning Tasks Select multiple lines at once Right click option Assign Task Button **User must have access to queue to view assigned claims**

90 Follow up and Monitoring Once claim has been worked the AR Specialist puts the claim in their visit owner along with a visit description. They also complete the task.  **  **1/20/15 Corrected Claim Once it is in the visit owner it will no longer meet the queue criteria and drop off the list the next day.

91 Questions?

92 Future Decisions & Challenges Discussion  Electronic Eligibility through GE?  Phreesia or similar product compatible with Centricity?  Patient balances – how to manage payment plans that make sense for your practice, and how to get meaningful reports on payment plan performance.  Getting what you need for reporting and managing purposes from your vendors.

93 Thank you! We appreciate the opportunity to share ideas about the ever changing and challenging processes for managing the Revenue Cycle puzzle!

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