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Clyde G. Johnson.  Preference?  Overview  Targeting  Settings  Things to know  GPP Scenarios.

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1 Clyde G. Johnson

2  Preference?  Overview  Targeting  Settings  Things to know  GPP Scenarios

3 By default, Group Policy Preference is NOT a preference By default, (re)set at GP refresh cycle ◦ Manual (gpupdate) ◦ Automatic

4 Preference Setting(s) ◦ Initial value ◦ Not enforced ◦ Not true “Policy”  Not limited to policy aware applications Greatly extends number of settings ◦ Computer and User settings  Using Control Panel and Windows settings New functionality for new settings ◦ Rich UI for easier administration ◦ Better (item-level) targeting  Shipped with Windows Server 2008

5 Item-level targeting, not GPO level Robust targeting ◦ 29 types ◦ Boolean logic (And, Or, Not) ◦ Grouping Windows APIs – not WMI based Intuitive UI ◦ No need to learn query languages Powerful browsers

6 Control Panel SettingsWindows Settings Data Sources Devices Folder Options Internet Options Local Users and Groups Power Options Printers Scheduled Tasks Start menu Services Drive Mappings Environment Folders/Files Ini files Shares Shortcuts Registry Applications Extensible!

7  GPP has no dependency on Windows Server 2008 (works fine with Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2008 domains).  Only dependencies are 1. GPMC (from RSAT or WS2008) is the GUI 2. GPP CSE are required on Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003  GPP CSE is native included Windows Server 2008 ◦ Ours for XP pushed via WSUS

8 Printer Scripts Power Schemes Registry updates Drive Mappings

9 Targeting: User-based Computer/Server-based Security Group-based ◦ Departements ◦ Floors AD OU-based AD Site-based

10 Power Plans (Windows Vista and later) ◦ Set current/active Power Plan ◦ Allows custom Power Plans to be set ◦ Allows user to change active Power Plan


12  Group Policy TechNet page  Group Policy Wiki  Group Policy Team Blog  Group Policy Settings Reference  Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) yID=7d2f6ad7-656b-4313-a005-4e344e43997d

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