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FootPrints End User Interface

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1 FootPrints End User Interface
Jim Franceschelli Jason Wimmer

2 Numara FootPrints FootPrints is a ticket tracking system utilized by the Information Resources (PIR) Division, for information technology (IT) requests. It tracks IT service tickets and provides communication among PIR departments and our customers. It provides the ability to record problems & solutions.

3 Numara FootPrints Records problems & solutions.
Electronic passing of issues to second tier support. Automated escalations to ensure acceptance of issues. Timed reminders. Ability to see patterns of activity or problems. communication to / from user. User satisfaction surveys.

4 Numara FootPrints Knowledgebases Service Catalog search for answers
Service Desk report problems Service & Project Requests* ask for special services Change Management* ask for application and report services *slowly replacing Project Tracking

5 Numara FootPrints How to Log In? Go to
Authenticate with your username and password. Go to the University Links tab and under the Administrative Links section, click Footprints.





10 Technology Support Center
Reporting problems or difficulties ….. Numara FootPrints services are currently available through My.Scranton portal. Phone, walk-up and services will continue to be available. Use what works for you.

11 Numara FootPrints – What’s Next?
Crowdsourcing Help us to enhance the searchable Knowledgebase Additional Project Tracking Conversion CMS and Web Page requests Data Processing, Security, Database Access, Systems Requests, etc.

12 FootPrints End User Interface

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