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OU Campus User Training Tuesday, January 13, 2015.

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1 OU Campus User Training Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2 Overview Navigating within OU Page Actions Toolbar WYSIWYG Editor Toolbar review Types of Pages Assets Snippets Brief Overview Left Navigation

3 Navigation within OU

4 Page Actions Toolbar

5 WYSIWYG Editor Toolbar review

6 Type of pages 1.New section: New directory 2.New FAQ Template: 3.New Interior: 4.New RSS Feed Entry: 5.New Landing: 6.New Landing 3 Column: 7.New Presentation Page:

7 Assets Assets are reusable content such as text, images, media, code blocks, links, etc. Convenient when working with multiple files that require the same information. Assets allow users to easily change an item that is used on several pages. Once an Asset is updated and published, all the pages using the Asset will also be updated and published. Useful for global content and content that should be protected from changes.

8 Snippets Snippets are files that have been designated as reusable content. Once the snippet is inserted on a page, the on-page content can be edited without affecting the original snippet. Snippets example: a table, image with a caption. The data changes from page- to-page, but the defined structure is reused.

9 Overview – Custom Left Navigation Difference between Default Navigation and Custom Left Navigation When do I need one? Path to all custom navs Left Navigation structure Parent and children links Process for approval 9

10 All pages by default are set to Default Left Navigation 10

11 What do I need to create my own Custom Left Navigation? When you have more than 5 pages in your directory. You need to have all your pages already created and published with approved content. 11

12 The path where all custom navs is top/includes/custom_navs Files must be named “left-directory-name.html” 12

13 Steps to create a new Custom Left Nav 13

14 Left Navigation Menu explained Parent link (uppercase): Inside of Children link (proper case): Inside of 14

15 Use the “BR” (Insert line break) when dealing with children links 15

16 Right-click and select “Insert/Edit link” when inserting links in parent links 16

17 When ready, save and send to webchanges for approval. 17

18 When everything else fails... 18

19 Review Navigation Page Actions Toolbar WYSIWYG Editor Toolbar review Type of pages Left Navs

20 Questions?

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