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Open Access at Valparaiso University Two Perspectives: The User and the Publisher.

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1 Open Access at Valparaiso University Two Perspectives: The User and the Publisher

2 Open Access Perspective #1: The User

3 Many of our users think of information-seeking as… Basically anything BUT the actual library or the library’s electronic resources… Perspective One: The User

4 Open Access Resources are designed to be: Free or low-cost Easy to access (i.e. electronically) Easy to find (in theory) Perspective One: The User So where do libraries fit in?

5 Perspective One: The User

6 Open Access Resources: Do not replace Proprietary Resources Increases need for resource evaluation Allow for a larger overall “collection” So, in reality, Open Access has actually increased VU’s workload and collection Perspective One: The User

7 Open Access Perspective #2: The Publisher

8 Perspective Two: The Publisher

9 According to a recent survey of academic libraries*… 55% - have or are interested in publishing options for its population 75% - publish between 1-3 journals 50% - publish data sets, conference proceedings, and other grey literature previously unpublished 90% - primary reason for launching: to change the scholarly publishing model *Mullins, James L.; Murray-Rust, Catherine; Ogburn, Joyce L.; Crow, Raym; Ivins, October; Mower, Allyson; Nesdill, Daureen; Newton, Mark; Speer, Julie; and Watkinson, Charles, "Library Publishing Services: Strategies for Success: Final Research Report (March 2012)" (2012). Purdue University Press e-books. Book 24. Perspective Two: The Publisher

10 Because of the Open Access model, VU can now support e- publications… Perspective Two: The Publisher

11 Some of our e-journals…

12 Other Types of OA publications Student Research Projects Dissertations, Theses, Capstone Projects Posters Conference Proceedings Data Sets Newsletters Perspective Two: The Publisher Open Access = More Resources to be published for the user than before …in addition to established resources

13 Costs Vendor Subscription (price dependent on your community/campus size) Staff Time Perspective Two: The Publisher Not much, considering the alternative of skyrocketing prices for resources…

14 Key Points to Review Open Access Resources… Are where our users go first (search engines) Can index well in Search Engines (depending on metadata) Need a higher level of evaluation/review Add to the existing resources available (from both the user and publisher perspective) Are an inexpensive way to expand collection

15 Future Considerations… How does the Open Access Movement potentially impact Public Libraries’ resources? Can Public Libraries create publishing opportunities themselves, using this model? Are there publishing/archiving needs of the community that could be served with this movement?

16 Questions? Thank You! Jonathan Bull

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