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© 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved Confidential VMware User Group vNews Alistair Sutherland.

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1 © 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved Confidential VMware User Group vNews Alistair Sutherland

2 2 Confidential Agenda  vCloud Director 1.0  vShield App, Edge, Endpoint  View 4.5  Integrien acquisition  Tricipher acquisition  Ionix products

3 3 Confidential vCloud Director aka Redwood

4 4 Confidential Enterprise vCenter Management Suite: Policy-based Management & Automation VMware Cloud Infrastructure & Services vSphere: Platform for Cloud Infrastructure View: Desktop Computing via Cloud SpringSource: Programming Model for the Cloud Redwood: Common Service Model for Infrastructure Clouds vCloud Partners Proprietary Clouds Private Cloud VMware Virtualized Public Cloud Public Cloud Core IT Services via Virtual Appliances Zimbra File/ Print Directory IaaS PaaS SaaS

5 5 Confidential Redwood vSphere Enterprise Plus vCenter Management vShield Technology Redwood vCenter Chargeback Resource Pools Delivering IT as a Service: The Private Cloud Virtual Data Centers – Virtualized, shared pools of server, storage, and network resources Virtualized datacenter services (firewall etc) Policy-driven Management Standardized services and service level definitions with automated service delivery Self-service user access with metering, monitoring, and chargeback Virtual Datacenters

6 6 Confidential New Resource Abstractions – Provider Virtual Datacenter Standard Service Tier of Infrastructure Compute: Cumulative block of CPU in GHz Cumulative block of RAM in GB Able to be subsequently allocated across organizations Max is vSphere cluster Network: Not an direct property of a Provider vDC Storage: Cumulative block of homogeneous storage Max of 256 datastores per Provider vDC

7 7 Confidential vShield

8 8 Confidential 2010 – Introducing vShield Products DMZPCI compliant HIPAA compliant Securing the Private Cloud End to End: from the Edge to the Endpoint Edge vShield Edge 1.0 Secure the edge of the virtual datacenter Security Zone vShield App 1.0 and Zones Application protection from network based threats Endpoint = VM vShield Endpoint 1.0 Enables offloaded anti-virus Virtual Datacenter 1Virtual Datacenter 2 WebTest & Dev

9 9 Confidential Overview In Guest 9 VM  VMOrg  Org vShield Endpoint vShield App vShield Edge vShield Edge is included with VMware Cloud Director From inside the Guest to the Edge of the Cloud

10 10 Confidential View 4.5

11 11 Confidential Feature Overview Increasing Scale and Efficiency Brokering Architecture for 10,000 VM pod Scalable Admin UI in Flex Role-Based Delegated Administration Semi-Automatic Pools Thin Provisioning Support with vSphere View Composer Performance Optimizations (local storage, temp file/page file redirection) Extensibility Automation and Integration with Powershell SCOM Support Reporting and Auditing Enablement System and User Diagnostics Dashboard and System Monitoring User Troubleshooting System Troubleshooting View Composer Enhancements Support for SysPrep Refresh, Recompose & Rebalance for Non-Persistent Pools Tiered Storage Support Persistent Disk Management (Detach/Reattach/Archive) Management Improvements Kiosk Mode (MAC-based client authentication) Automated USB Redirection Location-based Printing Real-time SmartCard Cert Revocation ThinApp Assignment Client Localization German, Japanese, French, and Simplified Chinese Windows 7 Support PCoIP SmartCard Support with PCoIP FIPS Compliance Local Mode Encryption, Smart Card, Replication & Policy Controls

12 12 Confidential Integrated Dashboard UI View 4.5: Delta Training – Revision 1.0

13 13 Confidential Integrien Acquisition

14 14 Confidential Integrien –  Alive When to pay attention & What to pay attention to

15 15 Confidential Tricipher Acquisition

16 16 Confidential Tricipher   Single sign-on across SaaS and other cloud providers

17 17 Confidential myOneLogin  Integrate myOneLogin Secure Sign Sign-On with myOneLogin authenticates user IDs and passwords against an internal Active Directory, while myOneLogin manages the strong authentication factors = your internal directory remains the one, centralized place to manage users Integrate myOneLogin with internal portals, such as SharePoint, so that users within your network can access web applications from their corporate portal Use myOneLogin to add strong authentication to SSL VPNs, so that external users accessing corporate resources can take advantage of secure, multi- factor authentication.  Or just sign up for an account, setting up your users and applications, and letting users then self-provision to the service  Future in Horizon…?

18 18 Confidential EMC Ionix Products

19 19 Confidential vCenter Product Family

20 20 Confidential vCenter Configuration Manager Overview  Deep Collection and Visibility Scalable, secure data collection, track changes to them automatically  Compliance Policy Intelligence Ensure compliance with various industry and regulatory standards and requirements on a continuous basis  Remediation and Patch Management Detect and fix configuration problems and security vulnerabilities automatically across multiple systems  Server Provisioning and Application Stack Deployment Provision Linux, Windows and ESX images and optimized JeOS-based application stacks  Multiplatform Support Support physical & virtual, Windows desktops and servers, UNIX and Linux servers, and vSphere

21 21 Confidential vCenter Product Family

22 22 Confidential vCenter Application Discovery Manager Overview

23 23 Confidential Passively Discover Application Dependencies with vCenter ADM ESX serverVirtual to Virtual Dependencies ESX to VC DependenciesVirtualized On RelationshipPhysical to Virtual Dependencies VMs Discover instances of DBs, Application servers, etc Discover hidden dependencies, prepare for moves, build DR protection groups Remember to plan to protect all three of these !

24 © 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved Confidential vNews

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