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The User Area David Garcia Dorvau – Online Solutions Unit.

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1 The User Area David Garcia Dorvau – Online Solutions Unit

2 The benefits of being registered Doing business online will require online registration or log in: Improves security of transactions All set of solutions for online transactions (via user area) 2 Working with User area

3 Your dashboard You have access to the portfolio of processes you have with the OHIM (CTM, RCD, Oppositions, Community Designs not registered yet) 3

4 Electronic communication Communication with the OHIM can be done online for all CTM/RCD related processes It is the recommended means of communication. 4 Working with User area Incoming communications of the OHIM are stored in New Tab Options to filter/search communications Once open the communication must be archived or replied (when possible) An alert can also be configured for new incoming communications Up to 1GB attachments can be submitted

5 Working with alerts Three types of alerts can be created: Working with User area Alerts can also trigger s 5 For deadlines 1 For monitoring CTM/RCD 2 For watching CTM/RCD 3

6 Advanced functionalities / modification of details Name and address can be changed. Changes will be done automatically and generate recordals, if required. 6 Working with User area

7 Advanced functionalities / subaccounts Users can create subaccounts and assign some specific access rights to subaccounts. Working with User area 7 When performing a transaction, the transaction (filing, for instance) will always be recorded as done in the name of the main account. However, the system will track who has actually done the action.

8 Advanced functionalities - Filters This feature is designed for managing large lists of files. Some pre-established filters are provided (by status, such as CTMs opposed), but users can set their own filters. 8 Working with User area

9 More information 9 Working with User area Inside OHIM online Help Centre Contact us

10 Thank You (+ 34) (switchboard) (+ 34) (e-business technical incidents) (+ 34) (main fax) twitter/oamitweets youtube/oamitubes CONTACT US :

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