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The User Area David Garcia Dorvau – Online Solutions Unit.

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1 The User Area David Garcia Dorvau – Online Solutions Unit

2 The benefits of being registered Doing business online will require online registration or log in: Improves security of transactions All set of solutions for online transactions (via user area) 2 Working with User area

3 Your dashboard You have access to the portfolio of processes you have with the OHIM (CTM, RCD, Oppositions, Community Designs not registered yet) 3

4 Electronic communication Communication with the OHIM can be done online for all CTM/RCD related processes It is the recommended means of communication. 4 Working with User area Incoming communications of the OHIM are stored in New Tab Options to filter/search communications Once open the communication must be archived or replied (when possible) An email alert can also be configured for new incoming communications Up to 1GB attachments can be submitted

5 Working with alerts Three types of alerts can be created: Working with User area Alerts can also trigger emails 5 For deadlines 1 For monitoring CTM/RCD 2 For watching CTM/RCD 3

6 Advanced functionalities / modification of details Name and address can be changed. Changes will be done automatically and generate recordals, if required. 6 Working with User area

7 Advanced functionalities / subaccounts Users can create subaccounts and assign some specific access rights to subaccounts. Working with User area 7 When performing a transaction, the transaction (filing, for instance) will always be recorded as done in the name of the main account. However, the system will track who has actually done the action.

8 Advanced functionalities - Filters This feature is designed for managing large lists of files. Some pre-established filters are provided (by status, such as CTMs opposed), but users can set their own filters. 8 Working with User area

9 More information 9 Working with User area Inside OHIM online Help Centre Contact us

10 Thank You (+ 34) 965 139 100 (switchboard) (+ 34) 965 139 400 (e-business technical incidents) (+ 34) 965 131 344 (main fax) twitter/oamitweets youtube/oamitubes CONTACT US :

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