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USER GUIDE ™ FALCO SBOX ™ (Security in a Box) User Guide Version: v1.8 (Last Updated 18-11-2014 )

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1 USER GUIDE ™ FALCO SBOX ™ (Security in a Box) User Guide Version: v1.8 (Last Updated )

2 Table of Content ™ Title Page Overview 1 Architecture 2 Technical Support 3 Supported Browser 4 Login 5 Main Page 6 Search Controller Ip 7 Add New Door Controller 8 Ctrl Setting Configuration 9 Save Parameter Ctrl Setting 10 Access Level 11 Create New Access Level 12 Add Card 13 Add New Card 14

3 Table of Content ™ Title Page Card Management 15 Control Panel 16 - Application User 17 - User Role 18 -Event Configuration 19 -System Setting 20 -Time Set Configuration Time Zone Configuration Reason Configuration 25 - Manual Entry 26 - Working Time Configuration Holiday List 30 -Auto Manage Backup 31

4 Table of Content ™ Title Page -Database Backup & restore 33 -NVR Setting 34 Report -Transaction History Transaction History Sample 37 - Time Zone Report Sample 38 -Time set Report Sample 39 -Audit Trial Report Sample 40 -User Card Report Sample 41 -Manual Entry Report Sample 42 Time Attendance Report 43

5 Overview ™ The Falco Sbox combines the entry level of Falco IP access control system with our tightly integrated Video Management System. All can be managed through an easy to learn web browser interface, providing users with extensive control over their video and physical security. Falco sBox is offering with expansion options that support up to 8x, 16x Analogue/IP /PoE cameras and 10x access control doors. Falco Linux is a true IP network appliance: power, a network drop, and a web browser are all the system requires. Convenient and economical. Falco Linux minimizes both installation and maintenance costs. Falco sBox is a uniquely flexible solution. It can be deployed as a stand-alone system for smaller sites, or as an enterprise level member of an Falco Web Enterprise Global distributed network. Features:- -No Software setup or installation -Embedded web server -Small device and saves space -Up to 10 doors access control system -Built-in and integrated with 4x, 8x 16x cameras, hybrid with IP and analogue -Up to 30,000 users and event transactions -Remote access with Internet Browser -99 time zones per controller -Support all popular card & biometric technologies -Peer to peer communication 1

6 Architecture ™ 2

7 Technical Support ™ If you cannot find the answer to your question in this manual or in the Help files, we recommend you contact your system installer. Your installer is familiar with your system configuration and should be able to answer any of your question. (Please noted that we are not direct deals with End user) Method Details Website : 3

8 Supported Browser ™ Internet Explorer Mozila Google Chrome Safari 4

9 Login ™ ip/sBox/login.php Click “Login” to access main page falco

10 Add new controller ™ 6 Add new Door Controller

11 Search Controller IP Address ™ 7 Auto searching for new controller

12 Add Door ™ 8 Add new Door Controller

13 Controller Setting Configuration ™ 9 Door Name Door description Unit No Is Auto Create Default Controller Ip Controller Mac Address Firmware Version 2Door Ctrl Setting 0=First door 1= Second Door Door Sensor Time Lock Time Push button Time Control Additional modules Enable Keypad Reader Enable Fire Mode Group the Fire Alarm Door Lock card after receive 3 times unknown card transaction Enable Buzzer when Use lock Release Enable Antipassback select 01 Group Door Antipassback Dual Card Need customization Controller Auto Select To Active Auto Release Door TZ Save Door Setting In Out Camera setting

14 Save Download Parameter Controller Setting ™ 10 Select Door & Download To Save Setting Select Door Which Door

15 Save Download Parameter Controller Setting ™ 10 Select Door & Download To Save Setting Select Door Which Door

16 Access Level ™ 12 Create New Access Level

17 Access Level ™ 12 U Can Create Up to 255 Access Level Door Access Time Zone 00=24 hour Can’t Access 01=24 hour Can Access Select Which Door Access Level 01 Can Access

18 Access Card ™ 13 Card User Configuration

19 Add New Card User ™ 14 Add New Card Batch Add Card Delete Selected Card

20 Card Management ™ 15 User Card Number User Card Name User Access Level Group No Some Setting is Optional Selected If Using keypad Reader Only Bypass Antipassback Function Expired date setting U can select Difference Working Hour mode for each user 15 After All Done Press Save To Sent Prameter to Controller

21 Control Panel ™ 16 Control Panel Menu

22 Application User ™ 17 Add Edit Login ID Login Pass User Name User Role Save new app User Delete Selected User

23 Manage User Role ™ 18 Choose User Group Allow permission for user Access the Function

24 Event Configuration ™ 19 Choose which Transaction you want to configure Change Transaction color can choose any Transaction you want to pop up

25 System Setting ™ 20 Enable Facility Code Example for 1 site of project card facility code is ‘123’ if same number of card swipe still cannot because facility code not match Normally we disable this function Controller Version 5 above Set =‘Yes’ Controller Version 4.99 Below =‘No’ Enable Integration connection between Nvr & sbox Software

26 Time Set ™ 21 Default time set 00 =24 Hour No access 01=24 Hour Free Access Add new Time Set

27 Time set configuration ™ 22 Time set is set as part of the time zone where one time zone can be combining two or more time set. The time that is set is in 24 hour. Time set enables you to define the period to activate or deactivate some operation or event. There are two default value sets, which is time set 00 and time set 01. Time set 00 is no access time set and time set 01 is free access time set. The above time set interval implies that : Note: you must create time set accordingly first before you can proceed to create time zone.

28 Time Zone ™ 23 Default time Zone 00 =24 Hour No access 01=24 Hour Free Access Add new Time Zone

29 Time Zone configuration ™ 24 On the screen above, it shows that from Monday to Friday (time set 02) the active time is from 8:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 18:00. Saturday, Sunday and Holiday (time set 00) has no active time. If this applied to a card, the card will gain access at the active time only and can not access at other time. If this was applied to a door controller - door release time zone (Lock Rel TZ), the door will release during active time. If this time zone were applied to the card and pin reader (Card + Pin In TZ or Card + Pin Out TZ), the card and pin mode will be activated during the active time and at other time it will be card only mode. Note : You must create your time zone accordingly before you can proceed to create card database.

30 Reason Configuration ™ 25 Create New Late Reason Code Create Late Reason Description

31 Manual Entry ™ 26 Create New Late Reason Code Create Late Reason Description U can select Reason that you already create example on page 24 Select Which transaction you want to add on report Select what time manual Entry report you what to Given Select User or Card No Select Date

32 Working Time Configuration ™ 27 Noted: You Can Add new Working time or Edit Normal Working time Noted: You can Manage to change User Working time on Card Configuration under ‘system Mode’

33 Working Time Configuration ™ 28

34 Working Time Configuration ™ 29

35 Holiday List ™ 30 You can add, edit or delete any holiday list at Setup/Holiday List. The screen above will appear when you click Add or Edit to edit any holiday list that had been created. Click delete to delete the record. Click Close to cancel the Holiday Table window. Holiday list will list all the date of rest day, which means the whole day the door will be close and no one is allowed to enter the door during holiday or allowed to enter within a specified time set. There are 50-holiday dates that you can set. To add a holiday list, just click Add and enter the appropriate date and a brief description on the holiday and click OK. Holiday No is only the number uniquely set for each holiday. If you want to grant access during holiday for half day, then you can set a time set from 08:00 to 14:00 as time set 02 and applied to it

36 Backup ™ 31 Choose backup Interval Example every First of month Choose How Many Month Database want to keep on the hard disk Choose what time hour Auto backup Started Note: This Auto Backup Function Will maintain your database for better system performance

37 Firmware Update ™ 32 You can easily Update New sBox Software version Note: Make sure u get the correct Bin File before Updating

38 Backup & Restore ™ 33 You can backup the Database Manually & save it on your Drive storage or PC You Can restore back the Database Manually

39 Nvr Setting ™ 34 Enable UTC Time Zone Analog camera door access on Screen Display Connection refresh time to get the transaction from controller for first time adding controller Valid Entry Access Ping connection Between controller Sync controller time follow UTC time Checking controller down Status

40 Transaction History ™ 35 Please Select Which date of report u want to view Filter by card No Filter Group Access Level Filter by company name

41 Transaction History ™ 36 Filter by Transaction Filter by Controller

42 Transaction History ™ 37

43 Time Zone Report ™ 38

44 Time Set Report ™ 39

45 Audit Trial Report ™ 40 Filter Which date Machine name will Show Pc name or Client ip address Filter by User Login Name Filter by Event type

46 User Card Report ™ 41

47 Manual Entry Report ™ 42

48 Time Attendance Report ™ 43 First Entry & last Exit Not Complete report Entry Or Exit only Lateness Follow grace period on Working hour time Early out follow grace period on Working hour time Overtime follow grace period on Working hour time Absentee report All report Combine Only Summary Combine Monthly Report Calculation Filter by Date Filter by Card Name Filter by Door Filter by department Show Last Entry As Exit Transaction using if only got entry reader Without Exit

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