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BEST PRACTICES CONFERENCE SHAREPOINT 1 Clarity. Direction. Confidence. IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME! Sue Hanley President Susan Hanley LLC Best Practices.

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1 BEST PRACTICES CONFERENCE SHAREPOINT 1 Clarity. Direction. Confidence. IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME! Sue Hanley President Susan Hanley LLC Best Practices for SharePoint User Adoption

2 BEST PRACTICES CONFERENCE SHAREPOINT 2 About Me Expertise: knowledge management, information architecture, portals and collaboration solutions with a focus on governance, user adoption, and metrics President, Susan Hanley LLC. Co-Author: Essential SharePoint 2010 and Essential SharePoint 2007 Led national Portals, Collaboration, and Content Management practice for Dell Director of Knowledge Management at American Management Systems Mother of three “millennials”

3 BEST PRACTICES CONFERENCE SHAREPOINT 3 We built it, why don’t users just come? Adoption of new technologies, especially SharePoint, doesn’t happen all of a sudden, all at once, or without a plan. Users won’t usually rush to embrace a new solution unless it very clearly addresses their overall business goals. Before you can think about user adoption, you have to have a solution worth adopting! 3

4 BEST PRACTICES CONFERENCE SHAREPOINT 4 Why is it difficult to adopt new technologies? Delayed Gratification Early adopters give up their “comfort zone” immediately but receive benefits in the future. No Guarantees The new solution may not work the way it is supposed to. Squishy Benefits Benefits, especially with portal and collaboration solutions, are typically qualitative, which makes them very difficult to describe and compare. This is why collecting user success stories is so important.

5 BEST PRACTICES CONFERENCE SHAREPOINT 5 The 9X Effect A new product has to offer a nine times improvement over the existing solution in order to be immediately or easily adopted.* *Gourville, John T., “Why Consumers Don’t Buy: The Psychology of New Product Adoption.” Harvard Business School Note #504-056 (Boston: Harvard Business School Publishing, 2004).

6 BEST PRACTICES CONFERENCE SHAREPOINT 6 Critical Elements for User Adoption Planning 1. Make sure that you’ve got a solution worth adopting 2. Understand how users adapt to change 3. Implement a training plan 4. Implement a communications plan 5. Have a user support plan 6. Think about incentives and rewards 7. Allow users to provide feedback 8. Document your plan

7 BEST PRACTICES CONFERENCE SHAREPOINT 7 Don’t be confused Don’t use user adoption as your measure of solution success. Remember – the ultimate key to solution success is solving a business problem. Achieving business outcomes – moving the needle – is the only way to measure success. And, by the way, if your solution actually helps uses do their jobs (see Critical Element #1), it will be easy to get adoption.


9 BEST PRACTICES CONFERENCE SHAREPOINT 9 1. Have a solution worth adopting! Identify Your Stakeholders Understand Their Business Objectives - WIIFM Understand Your Culture But don’t be a slave to it! Identify How Success Will Be Measured Prepare a Governance Plan Design a Good Site Well organized content Search that works Follow design and page layout best practices Plan Roll-Out and Launch

10 BEST PRACTICES CONFERENCE SHAREPOINT 10 Business pain matters … Quality suffers: when people can’t find what they need fast enough People feel demoralized when they can’t manage their work information

11 BEST PRACTICES CONFERENCE SHAREPOINT 11 … so does solving a specific problem … 60% of the winners in the 2011 Intranet Design Annual have mobile versions Not full blown, but what employees need “on the go”

12 BEST PRACTICES CONFERENCE SHAREPOINT 12 … and encouraging engagement Comments Allow users to contribute content and comment on content contributed by others Ratings Grading requires less work than commenting and rating systems can broaden user participation. Ratings also add value in search listings. But, all kinds of issues with ratings (see presentation on social computing). Count and Promote On average, better stuff gets used more so usage count is a reasonable proxy for quality – and has the huge benefit of requiring no extra effort from users Consider points or badges (more later)

13 BEST PRACTICES CONFERENCE SHAREPOINT 13 2. Why is change so hard? Comfort with the status quo “This is how we’ve always done it … and it works for me.” Discomfort with being forced to change “I’m not broken, why are you trying to fix me?” No personal benefit “Sure, I see why the big wigs would want this, but what’s in it for me?”

14 BEST PRACTICES CONFERENCE SHAREPOINT 14 My favorite quotes about change Change is good - you go first. Kenneth F Murphy 1955-, former SVP HR of Altria Group and writer It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. Charles Darwin People don't resist change. They resist being changed! Peter Senge, management writer famous for the notion of the learning organization

15 BEST PRACTICES CONFERENCE SHAREPOINT 15 Think about how you can roll out functionality aligned with how users adopt new technology 15 When adopting a new tool, users typically pass through five stages, each involving a progression of behaviors and needs Adoption Stage/Time AwarenessLearningTrialApplicationAdoption 100% User achieves awareness of the new technology and begins forming perceptions around its importance and value. User experiments with the tool on current projects to experience tangibly how it fits with current modes of working. Obtains real- time under-standing of benefits and experience. User incorporates the solution as an indispensable tool. As such, the solution is a formal element within specific stages of work processes. User obtains an understanding, both theoretical and demonstrated, of the tool’s fundamental attributes, such as what it does, its value, how to use it, and how it integrates with existing work processes. User applies the technology regularly and gains greater familiarity with it, specifically as it relates to fundamental tasks. Adapted by Reuben Danzing from "Diffusion of Innovations" by Everett M. Rogers, 5th Edition, Free Press, 1995

16 BEST PRACTICES CONFERENCE SHAREPOINT 16 3. Develop a training plan Don’t assume “it’s intuitive” One size does not fit all Training needs to be targeted to the end user’s role in the organization and role or responsibility with regard to the solution Don’t try to train all at once Adapt to the learning style of the learner Educational experts know that not everyone learns in precisely the same way. This is especially true for busy adults. You will get the best outcomes from your training initiatives if you can offer training in multiple ways: classroom, online, “just-in-time” via computer-based training (CBT), or short online videos, quick reference “cards,” and so on.

17 BEST PRACTICES CONFERENCE SHAREPOINT 17 4. Communicate, communicate, communicate! Communications planning does not end at solution launch Communications needs to be persistent Get SHARP On SharePoint Get SHARP On SharePoint

18 BEST PRACTICES CONFERENCE SHAREPOINT 18 Tested ideas for your communications plan Leverage existing meetings and events Create (and use) an “anecdote” bank Target your messages Did you know …? rotating message (tip of the day) “Look what they did” success stories Cafeteria table toppers Message board/break room/elevator bank announcements or posters Desktop wallpaper Usability testing

19 BEST PRACTICES CONFERENCE SHAREPOINT 19 5. Plan User Support Make sure that the help desk is prepared They are often left out of training – big mistake “Seed” the organization with power users Pilot team Volunteers Launch week activities Lunch and Learns Ongoing support Office hours Center of Excellence

20 BEST PRACTICES CONFERENCE SHAREPOINT 20 6. Think about incentives and rewards Key Influencer Strategy Someone important “Mikey” People tend to follow others – when we see other people writing reviews, sharing knowledge, and submitting ideas, we get the sense that this is just what we’re supposed to do. Key Motivators Insights from MySite pilot Gardening and Yoga drive adoption? Fun Stuff Scavenger Hunt Snow and Checkered Flags Video Points, Badges, Prizes

21 BEST PRACTICES CONFERENCE SHAREPOINT 21 7. Allow users to provide feedback User feedback helps identify where you’ve got adoption challenges Provide an opportunity to provide feedback on every page Get up out of your desk and ASK for feedback! Conduct usability tests and LISTEN to what people say but WATCH what they do

22 BEST PRACTICES CONFERENCE SHAREPOINT 22 8. Write it down! It makes you think. It gives you something to share. It involves other people. Adoption Plan

23 BEST PRACTICES CONFERENCE SHAREPOINT 23 Leverage Helpful Resources Read User Adoption Strategies: Shifting Second Wave People to New Collaboration Technology by Michael SampsonUser Adoption Strategies: Shifting Second Wave People to New Collaboration Technology Read Essential SharePoint 2010 by Scott Jamison, Susan Hanley, and Mauro CardarelliEssential SharePoint 2010 Get addicted to Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox: (Current Issues in Web Usability) Download the SharePoint Server 2010 Adoption Best Practices White Paper from Microsoft by Sue Hanley and Scott Jamison ( Server 2010 Adoption Best Practices White Paper Follow Online end user training from Microsoft: us/sharepoint-server-help/CH010372432.aspx us/sharepoint-server-help/CH010372432.aspx Intro SharePoint 2010 training: us/sharepoint-server-help/take-sharepoint-server-2010-training-at- your-desk-HA101859255.aspx#_Toc260914319 us/sharepoint-server-help/take-sharepoint-server-2010-training-at- your-desk-HA101859255.aspx#_Toc260914319

24 BEST PRACTICES CONFERENCE SHAREPOINT 24 What are your adoption challenges? This is the audience participation part of the program.

25 BEST PRACTICES CONFERENCE SHAREPOINT 25 Contact Information Susan Hanley President, Susan Hanley LLC 301-469-0770 (o) 301-442-0127 (m) Blog: Twitter: @susanhanley

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