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Test Review – Capítulo 2 Listening Test.

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1 Test Review – Capítulo 2 Listening Test

2 A. You will hear 4 conversations.
If the conversation makes sense, check sí on your answer sheet. If it does not make sense, check no.

3 Example: you will hear:
-Ella es bastante baja, ¿no? -¿Quién? ¿ María? -Sí -No, de ninguna manera. Ella es bastante alta. Does that make sense?

4 B. You will hear three statements.
After each one, indicate whether it is about one person or thing or more than one. Example: you will hear: Son simpáticos. Is that referring to one person, or more than one?

5 Reading and Writing Test
A. Complete the sentence with the appropriate word. For this section, know the opposite of: aburrido, pequeño, alto Example: La clase no es aburrida. Es__________________

6 B. Choose the course that is being described
Example: Los microbios, las plantas, los animales, la bacteria a. las matemáticas b. la biología c. la química

7 C.Match the statement with the equivalent time.
Example: La clase es a las dos y media. a. 12:30 b. 2:15 c. 2:30

8 D. Complete the sentence with el, la, los, las
_____profesores son muy altos

9 E. Rewrite the sentences in the plural.
Example: La amiga de María es muy popular. Las amigas de María son muy populares.

10 F. Complete the conversation with the correct form of the verb ser.
(soy, eres, es, somos, son) Example: -¿De dónde______Uds.? Nosotros___________de España.

11 G. Choose the appropriate article.
Example: Tú eres_______alumna buena a. un b. una c. el d. la

12 H. Read a paragraph and choose the best answer.
This section is multiple choice using vocabulary that you have studied in the first two chapters.

13 Cultura This section is not extra credit.
It is part of the test. The questions are based on readings we did during class Know the following: What does ascendencia mexicana mean? - Where do many people who live in Miami come from?

14 -Approximately how many Spanish speakers are there in the United States?
-What two languages do Mexican-Americans speak?

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