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User Adoption Do’s and Don’ts Lessons Learned Karen Pheiffer.

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1 User Adoption Do’s and Don’ts Lessons Learned Karen Pheiffer


3 Background SharePoint launched in 2011 amid much fanfare. Server not capable of handling load sufficiently. Back to the drawing board…

4 Server upgrade Server upgrade Datacentre Upgrade Roadmap – Phase I, (Q3 2012)

5 Relaunch 2012

6 Training

7 Training

8 Training

9 Support?

10 WIIFM? Things the Business Values Things I Value Things the collective Values Sweet Spot Benefits the business so you’ll probably have to force me/us Makes my life better Makes our lives better

11 Social

12 Mavens

13 Mavens

14 Governance Define your Governance Policies early on. Involve key personnel with defining your policies. Communicate your policies to the end users.

15 Planning Lay out exactly what SharePoint can and will do, as well as why it will benefit them directly. Support should come from the top. Top executives should each have their own SharePoint sites Key people should start a blog for users. Let end-users in on the discussion early. Not only does this help pave the way for adoption, it cuts down on development and roll-out time. This will enable you to identify what business processes should be automated first.

16 Visually Appealing

17 Customisation Stick to CI and involve Marketing

18 Campaigns Keep users excited by sending out quick tips and include links to the training material. Also remind them of when and where the next course will be.

19 Competitions We ran several successful competitions Edge Valentines Competition 2013 Edge Easter Egg Hunt 2013 Edge Photography Competition 2014

20 Where to now


22 Questions

23 Contact me LinkedIn: Karen Pheiffer

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