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Unlocking the Secrets of SharePoint User Adoption Susan Hanley

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1 Unlocking the Secrets of SharePoint User Adoption Susan Hanley

2 User Adoption User Engagement

3 3 But wait, then why are we here? RESULTS Secret # 1: Adoption is not the end game





8 Secret # 3: It’s personal



11 Share Conference | 11 Don’t make it hard and painful … keep it simple and easy … don’t make people have to think!

12 12

13 Delayed Gratification No Guarantees Squishy Benefits

14 14

15 Comfort with the status quo “This is how we’ve always done it … and it works for me.” Discomfort with being forced to change “I’m not broken, why are you trying to fix me?” No personal benefit “Sure, I see why the they would want this, but what’s in it for me?”


17 … and engage some helpers

18 18 Leaders model the behavior “No involvement by leaders, no commitment by employees. No exceptions.” Vala Afshar, Chief Marketing and Customer Officer at Enterasys



21 Secret # 6: It’s all about comfort 21

22 Don’t assume it’s intuitive Don’t try to train all at once One size does not fit all




26 - comprehensive collection compiled by Ellen Van Aken Additional examples: h?v=PN1IyDvyA2o MAN Diesel g Dartmouth-Hitchcock Intranet Home Redesign – watch the end for outtakes

27 30 for 30 Get Sharp on SharePoint Intranet Learning Cafés* (with great coffee)


29 Secret # 8: It’s about support

30 Make sure the help desk is prepared  Pilot team  Volunteers  Employee advocates Seed the Organization with Evangelists  Office Hours  Center of Excellence  Training and Documentation Plan Ongoing Support

31 Evangelists/ Moderators Encourage and promote people and conversations Monitor conversations and content Curate stories Celebrate successes Handle negative situations Educate and welcome Nurture members – inspire engagement Remove roadblocks


33 Secret # 9: Don’t forget the fun!


35 CollaBOOration - A Ghoulish Guide to Metadata SharePointoberfest - inebriate while you collaborate! SharePointgiving – Give thanks to document workflow and approval



38 Feedback identifies challenges Ask for feedback- everywhere Conduct usability tests, LISTEN and OBSERVE

39 Secret # 11: You’re never done

40 Secret # 12: It’s about sharing

41 1. Adoption is not the end game 2. Adoptable solutions solve real problems 3. It’s personal 4. You can prepare 5. It’s about change 6. It’s about comfort 7. It’s about communications 8. It’s about support 9. It’s about fun! 10. It’s about listening 11. You’re never done 12. It’s about sharing

42 Sue Hanley susanhanley Governance User Adoption Metrics Information Architecture Knowledge Management How to contact me: essential-sharepoint/


44 The Cupboard One Carlyle Team Carlyle My Carlyle PERKolator (blogs) Orchard (intranet) The Grid Connect The Pulse The Core The Seabag

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