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Cecil User Meeting Meeting of May 6 th May, 2 – 4 pm.

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1 Cecil User Meeting Meeting of May 6 th May, 2 – 4 pm

2 Agenda Introduction User Presentation Updates from Service Desk Updates from Team Cecil –Updates –Discussions Call for Presentations / Showcases

3 User Presentation Robert Coup from Business Education Online is presenting a software that they've developed based on Testgraf + other added features for marking, called Markit. –Please refer to Robert’s PPT file

4 Updates from Service Desk One Service Desk, One Support number –New IVR System is in place –Extn: 85100 for Cecil, nDeva & ITSS Press 1 for Password –This password is for all staff password (NetPassword, nDeva, Postbox and so on). Students have to go through IC Helpdesk. Press 2 for Cecil Support Press 3 for nDeva Support Press 4 for ITSS Support –A separate DDI for student queries (09) 303-5959 –Press 1 for Password; 2 for Cecil) – this will be implemented on Monday, 10 th May 2004 for students. –Old numbers will be cut off in the next few weeks.

5 Updates from Team Cecil Usage Statistics: –Week 7 Logins: 115,563 –Monday, 26 th April Logins: 26,424 in one day. New Cecil Logo released

6 Discussions Allow user to apply standard Template for course descriptions for faculty / department? –The template simply consists with the standard headings (tabs with blank content) in CE. Deletion or addition of the headings can be done as needed. –Overall response is positive

7 Discussions (cont’d) Discussions on implementation strategies? –In order to help other faculties in using Cecil for their teaching and courses, the departments and faculties who are more experienced with Cecil could help sharing their experiences and implementation strategies with others. –FMHS would be interested in this type of discussion. –Some staff members interested in doing longitudinal studies on the implementation and usage of LMS Possibly new feature uptake from users would be another interesting topic to investigate

8 Discussions (cont’d) Others: –Requested for Cathy Gunn to do her workshop with the user group –Copyright issues were also discussed among the users –What project/development is Cecil working on? The list of projects are on the minute of last meeting Mainly on a liter version of Cecil on the web, ie. editable web interface for the staff members. (main new features include: unit of study; journal and staff forum. –Can the list of bug fixes be made available to the users? Unfortunately the bug log itself doesn’t have the tracking features nor it is suitable to be published. We can release the list of bug fixes for the scheduled patches on the staff help page. The intent is slowly to make all the projects and bug fixes that the team is working on more visiable to the community.

9 Call for Presentations / Showcases Please contact Sally ( if you have some experiences to share with other Thank you.

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