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APCUG Association of Personal Computer User Groups GETTING TO KNOW APCUG.

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1 APCUG Association of Personal Computer User Groups GETTING TO KNOW APCUG

2 The Association of Personal Computer User Groups (APCUG) is an international, platform-independent, volunteer-run nonprofit body dedicated to helping member computer user groups succeed.

3 APCUG HISTORY COMDEX 1986 - First Annual User Group Summit meeting (Boston Computer Society, Capital PC User Group, and Houston Area League of PC Users). Seattle October 1987 – Representatives from 15 UGs met and proposed formation of the association.

4 APCUG HISTORY (con’t) COMDEX 1987 – Proposal for forming an association for the purpose of fostering communication among & between UGs presented to 130 representatives from 50 UGs at the Second Annual User Group Summit. Meeting, and was unanimously approved.

5 APCUG MISSION STATEMENT To facilitate communication among computer user groups, the community, and the technology industry.

6 APCUG GOALS  Communication – Encourage and enable the exchange of information among computer user groups.  Promotion – Increase the visibility of computer user groups and their value to the community and the technology industry.

7 APCUG GOALS (con’t)  Education – Educate user group leadership in successful management techniques.  Community Service – Assist user groups in the fulfillment of their community service mission.





12 APCUG NOOZ  Monthly e-mail sent to selected officers by regional advisors to all their active APCUG groups  APCUG & regional news, fund- raising ideas, program ideas, etc.

13 APCUG Reports News Magazine  Sent to selected officers quarterly  Contains -APCUG, Regional, and Vendor news; What works for UGs; Help for Your UG articles; and benefit & contact info

14 APCUG UG Directory  With over 300 member groups, there are probably a number of groups within a 250 mile radius of your group. Look them up in the Directory – get in touch, share presenters, help each other, cross- advertise! Everyone benefits.

15 APCUG FREE Web Services  Web Board – hold your BOD meetings on line – have your tech guru answer member questions – exchange SIG info on line

16 APCUG FREE Web Services (cont’d)  Web page hosting  Mailing Lists  News Reader interface  Chat room access for all conferences


18 APCUG Conferences  Annual Conference, currently held in conjunction with CES  Regional Conferences California – Florida – Northwest ….. more locations in the future

19 APCUG Conferences (con’t)  APCUG offers assistance in setting up new regional conferences to meet the needs of user groups throughout the United States.  Contact your Advisor for information.

20 APCUG Attract Vendors for Presentations  Being part of APCUG gives your UG an inside track to hosting vendor presentations.

21 APCUG UG Directory  Vendors use the UG Directory to find groups that meet on consecutive days = more bang for their buck.


23 APCUG Conferences  User Group leaders / members interact with user groupies from their region and/or around the world to exchange ideas.

24 APCUG How Tos (  By-laws  Setting up a budget  Articles of Incorporation

25 APCUG Help For Your User Group (  Over 50 articles -- including info for program chairs, growing your UG, newsletter & PR guidelines – compiled from various conferences, etc.


27 APCUG Jerry Awards – User groups helping the community  APCUG’s way to recognize groups that are involved in community service projects


29 APCUG BONUS Newsletter Articles  Several articles sent each month to APCUG editors  Articles written by UG members, professionals & occasionally vendors

30 APCUG UG Discounts – Review Software – Raffle Items  Free and discounted offers from vendors --- available ONLY for APCUG member groups  Review software – available ONLY for APCUG member groups  Raffle items – available ONLY for APCUG members groups

31 APCUG Presentations-in-a-Box  A great alternative when groups are unable to have a vendor presentation  Product, PowerPoint presentation, script, door prizes, and more to make it easy for a member to give the presentation

32 APCUG Welcome to APCUG CD-ROM  Getting to Know APCUG PIAB, instructions on logging into the APCUG database, APCUG logos, and much more.

33 APCUG Growing Your Membership Tool-kit CD-ROM  Packed with ideas for growing your membership, membership contest ideas, sample brochures

34 APCUG Solutions to Your Problems  APCUG is here to help. BOD members and Advisors – current or former UG officers – are just an e-mail away.  Contact: Gabe Goldberg, Region 2 Advisor,

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