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Connect user manual A step by step guide to creating your first campaign.

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1 Connect user manual A step by step guide to creating your first campaign

2 2 Contents 1. Register, set up and send a campaign 2. Reporting – campaign statistics and analysis 3. Contact us and help

3 3 Connect: process flow Home page 1.Create an account

4 4 Connect: process flow Create an account 1.Enter details 2.Create a password 3.Read and accept T&C’s 4.Select create account User Task 1-3: Register, Set up & send a campaign

5 5 Connect: process flow Sign in 1.The sign in box will appear immediately after an account has been created – click “Sign in”

6 6 Connect: process flow Dashboard 1.You can create a campaign immediately after signing up User Task 1-3: Register, Set up & send a campaign

7 7 Connect: process flow Define the campaign and sender You can view all available templates in our literature And tools here underhere Connect templates 1.Campaign name 2.Subject line 3. address of IFA

8 8 Choose a template 1. Select one of the pre-designed templates Connect: process flow

9 9 Personalise with your logo 1.Click “Edit” 2.Select file to be uploaded and save changes N.B The recipient will be defaulted to Dear Customer if no names are added with the addresses

10 10 Connect: process flow Add call to action (sign off/closing) 1.Click “Edit” (and for 3) 2.Add call to action (e.g. if you would like to know more please contact me on 07*********) 3.Closing (e.g. kind regards) and company footer details (information such as FSA number and legal information)

11 11 Connect: process flow Preview 1.Preview to see how your will look

12 12 Define recipients 1. Add addresses Connect: process flow

13 13 Add client/prospect list 1. Connect guidance on importing addresses 2. Input addresses manually or 3. Import a list of addresses (excel or CSV file) Connect: process flow

14 14 Test your campaign 1. Add a test address to preview the – this will send you an of what your attended recipient will receive (NB this will not send the campaign just a test to your selected address) Connect: process flow NB: If test is saying undeliverable, send the test to a different address see notes (different To and From)

15 15 Send campaign 1. Deliver campaign immediately – just add the address you would like confirmation of delivery sending to 2. Schedule delivery – select specific time and date and add confirmation address 3. Click “Send now” or “Schedule delivery” (depending on above selection) Connect: process flow

16 16 Connect: process flow Reporting - immediately after campaign has been sent 1. Campaign report 2. View live stats 3. View on iPhone by opening link on “Mobile”

17 Reporting

18 18 Connect: reporting PruProtect Connect Home page 1.Sign in to Connect

19 19 Connect dashboard 1. Campaign drafts 2. Sent campaigns (click to view report) Connect: reporting

20 20 Campaign report A snap shot of the latest campaign results, here you can: 1. Export report to Excel 2. View campaign statistics 3. Review various campaign reports (more details) Connect: reporting

21 21 Mobile campaign report: iPhone 1. Click on confirmation in inbox (loading screen appears) 2. Select “Campaign” 3. See live campaign overview Connect: reporting NB:If mobile version does not appear, you can add icon to home screen by clicking redirect buttonat the bottom of the screen and selecting add to home screen

22 Contact us and help

23 23 Connect: Contact us and help Contact us Home page 1.Select the “Contact us” tab at the top where you will find our contact details for any questions or queries * Send us any feedback you have on our templates if you have any new topics you would like us to look at next

24 24 Help page (tab circled) 1. provides useful help with your campaigns (enter a query) 2. Get in touch – If there is something you cant find then you can get in touch with us Connect: Contact us and help

25 Thank you

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