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Overview and Usage of the Excel SINDA Controller for SINDA/FLUINT.

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1 Overview and Usage of the Excel SINDA Controller for SINDA/FLUINT

2 API Overview l Microsoft COM-based commands è COM methods allow applications to “call” other applications, similar to a program calling a subroutine l A SINDA Controller (iSINDA) has been created as a COM- based object è Can be addressed directly by third party software such as Excel, Matlab, iSIGHT è Launches SINDA/FLUINT è Enables data exchange and restarts

3 Excel Launcher Template l iSINDA provides communication between programs è Provides ability to launch SINDA/FLUINT from Excel è Ability to exchange register and processor data with Excel è Allows postprocessing in Excel è return of processor variables and registers back to Excel è ability to query save file for data è XY plotting in Excel è Interface is customizable è “Prebuilt” option allows models to be run without a SINDA/FLUINT license è Version available for Thermal Desktop

4 Typical Uses l Allow rapid updating and launching of a pre-existing SINDA/FLUINT model l Ability to superimpose model results on a sketch or photo of the actual hardware l Alternate user interface allowing a new SINDA/FLUINT user to easily modify and launch a model without having to navigate the cryptic ASCII file l Can be used to develop a pre-compiled version of the model to run in a license-free mode è To be run by non-technical support personnel è Deliverable for a customer

5 Basic Usage Interface can be customized by the user

6 Plot Control Usage

7 Demo basic interface

8 Enable COM Interface l The underlying SINDA/FLUINT model must include commands to enable the COM interface è Enable COM in Operations Data è Pause execution of SINDA/FLUINT run to allow update of parameters in Excel (can occur in any logic block) è Send parameters to Excel for postprocessing (Operations Data) CALL COMINIT$ Initiates the API connection $ back to Excel CALL DOWAIT$ Pauses execution, places $ SINDA/FLUINT wait state CALL SETREAL(Twidget, comp.T21)$ Send a real variable to Excel CALL SETINT(Status,Icount)$ Send an integer back to Excel

9 Sample COM Logic HEADER OPERATIONS BUILD ALL CALL COMINIT$ Initiates the API connection back to Excel... C make a certain node’s temperature can be examined or set from Excel CALL SETREAL(‘HiTemp’,WING.T14) 100 CONTINUE CALL STEADY CALL DOWAIT CAt this point check and set registers in Excel C When we are done we will set the register IMDONE to 1 in Excel IF(IMDONE.NE. 1) GOTO 100

10 Demo of customized Excel interface

11 Access Information l Basic Excel Interface is installed with SINDA/FLUINT è Accessible from the start menu l Loop Heat Pipe customized sample is available for download from the web site è l If you need the prebuilt version, please contact us. Questions? Visit our new technical knowledge base and support forum at

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