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Introducing the Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset System.

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1 Introducing the Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset System

2 Voyager 510 Bluetooth System Single headset solution for the mobile professional Seamless interoperability with other Bluetooth™ devices  Headset only Mobile phone use BT laptop or PDA  System Combined use with office phone & mobile phone Multipoint technology  Take a call from either your desk or mobile phone

3 Voyager 510 System Target Customer – The Mobile Professional Mobile Professionals  Spending time away from your desk  Spending time in and out of the office  Always needing to be connected to your companies voice and data infrastructure  Needing to communicate from many different locations Office; home; car; airport; hotel; coffee shop  Needing to communicate on multiple devices Mobile phone; desk phone; PDA or laptop  You demand a lot from your technology

4 Voyager 510 System Product Overview Multipoint technology for enhanced versatility Base unit to convert phone into Bluetooth device All day wearing comfort and superior sound quality Noise cancelling microphone for clearer voice transmission Boom swivels for use on either ear and folds away for easy storage Up to 6 hours talk time / 100 hours stand-by time Lithium battery technology - weighs only 15g Bluetooth V1.2 reduces possible interference in wi-fi hot spots

5 Voyager 510 System Features and User Benefits Feature User Benefit Stylish, Discreet & LightweightAll day wearing comfort Mulitpoint technologyAllows the user to have 2 active audio devices connected at any one time Base adaptor for office phonesSeamlessly switch between your office phone and your mobile phone – one headset for all your communication requirements Noise cancelling microphoneClear voice transmission: superior sound quality One-touch Multifunction Call Control ButtonEasy to find and to use when wearing the headset Intuitively placed volume and mute buttonsEasy to find and to use when wearing the headset Folding boomFor convenient storage and transportation Adjustable swivel boomAllows the Voyager 510 to be used on either ear and adjusted for a perfect, personal fit Up to 6 hours talk time / 100 hours stand-by timeExceeds the talk-time of many mobile phones and requires fewer charges 10 meter rangeFreedom to roam up to 10m from your Bluetooth device Bluetooth v1.2 software with Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) Latest version of the Bluetooth software with improved co- existence with 802.11 / WiFi networks

6 Voyager 510 System Positioning in the Plantronics Wireless Range

7 Bluetooth – Glossary TermDefinition PairedDevices that have exchanged addresses and a PIN code and are now able to connect to each other, usually with no user intervention ConnectedAn active link has been established between two devices. Multipoint devices can support more than one active connection. Nokia handsets usually keep the headset connected at all times. SNIFF ModeA power saving mode used by most mobile phones and some other devices to conserve battery power between uses Active DeviceA device with a current connection to another device. Last DeviceIf there is no currently active device the handset usually attempts to connect to the last device it was connected to. This is not the case with Nokia handsets. Primary Device Some multi-point systems have a primary device they will always try to connect with before attempting to connect with anything else

8 Multipoint – What It Is and What It Does Bluetooth supports point to point (P2P) and multipoint connections  P2P only devices can only accept one connection at one time If you wish to connect to just one device then a DECT™ headset such as the CS60 range is likely to be a better option for you because of the greater wireless range, excellent audio quality and longer talk time  Multipoint devices allow more than one active connection, e.g. a phone might be hosting a GSM call with a BT headset whilst simultaneously synchronising data with a PDA or laptop PC The Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset allows 2 devices to be connected to it at any one time, but only supports one active voice connection at a time

9 Voyager 510 System Compatibility and Bluetooth Version 1.1.v. 1.2 The Voyager 510 System when used with the HL10 Lifter is compatible with all popular telephone systems The Voyager 510 System is compatible with exactly the same systems as the CS60 product family Bluetooth V1.2 devices are designed to be backwards compatible with 1.1 devices The Voyager 510 is compatible with both 1.1 and 1.2 devices that support the Headset or Handsfree profiles For the latest compatibility information always visit

10 Voyager 510 System Summary Make and receive calls all day on multiple devices with one headset Great audio quality, great comfort Competitively priced Advanced technology with Bluetooth V1.2 and multipoint A real convergence product

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