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Designing an Ethylene Plant Control Room Operator User Interface

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1 Designing an Ethylene Plant Control Room Operator User Interface
and Operator User Interface Using Best Practices J. Errington NOVA Chemicals Inc. I. Nimmo User Centered Design Services Prepared for presentation at 2001 Annual Meeting, Houston, Texas. Copyright  Jamie Errington, NOVA Chemicals Corp, Joffre, AB and Ian Nimmo, User Centered Design Services 1

2 Acknowledgements The authors wish to acknowledge the support of:
Tim DeMaere - NOVA Chemicals Inc. Peter Bullemer - Honeywell Technology Center

3 Objective & Outline Objective: Presentation Outline
Outline the design process and results of NOVA Chemicals’ E3 Manufacturing Building and User Interface Presentation Outline Background Overview of ASM (Abnormal Situation Management) and Best Practices E3 Manufacturing Center Building Location Building Design E3 User Interface

4 Background Ethylene 3 Designing for Abnormal Situation Management
2.8 Blbs/y - ethane cracker project kick-off 1997 mid-2000 startup located in Joffre Alberta, Canada joint venture between NOVA Chemicals and Union Carbide Designing for Abnormal Situation Management AIChE paper presented in 1998 at New Orleans Described how NOVA Chemicals was applying ASM Best Practices information to the design of new facilities

5 Joffre Opportunity in 1998 Concurrently Building New Facilities
Utilities Plant Expansion Ethylene 3 Polyethylene 2 Training Simulators E3 PE2 Exposure to ASM - AEGIS Prototype Management Support of ASM program

6 ASM - Abnormal Situation Management
Consortium of companies and university affiliates: NOVA Chemicals, Exxon/Mobil, BP/Amoco, Shell, Chevron, Texaco, Celanese, Union Carbide, Phillips Honeywell (IAC, HTC) BAW Purdue, Ohio State, University of Toronto NOVA Chemicals joined in 1994

7 Goals of the ASM Consortium
Reduce preventable process upsets by 90% Understand the problem Site Surveys Develop better methods for aiding operators during process disruptions AEGIS prototype Improve other Supporting Systems Collateral Studies Other technology Deliverables Not by Technology alone!

8 ASM Best Practices Compiled from extensive site reviews across a wide spectrum including: Training Procedures Tracking and Reporting Communication Systems Work Context and Environment

9 Control Centre Location
Goal “to build a control center that will enhance the human performance in and around the control room” Location Design Process literature survey multi-discipline team examined alternative locations evaluated on cost, impact on people, safety implications, business issues Review Solutions remote - centralized control building - multiple plants centralized control building within battery limits individualized distributed control buildings Selection individual distributed control buildings Driving forces communications within unit higher personnel safety

10 Manufacturing Building
Goal to enhance how the manufacturing team (Operations, Maintenance and Technical) control system works together in and around the control system Building Design Process Created design vision for the building Interviewed primary users at adjacent Joffre units for needs and requirements Iterative process to refine key elements and share vision Key components control room was the center of focus communication patterns in the control room and the building determined adjacency matrix prioritized the layout and size of rooms task segregation (permitting, meetings, etc.) traffic flow patterns control console layout

11 E3 Control Room 14

12 User Interface The goal of the User Interface Design is to improve operator access to information thereby improving plant performance. Principal design aspects which have been considered in the design were: Navigation Visual Coding Alarm Information live alarms AOA design information Control Information cascades critical / redundant instrumentation Trend Information On-line Documentation

13 User Interface

14 User Interface Status View Operations View Level 1 - Area Overview
Alarm Summary Operations View Level 2 - Unit Summary Level 3 - Sub-unit Level 4 - Group Displays

15 Status View

16 Operations View

17 Task- and System-based model integration
Research Project University of Toronto / Honeywell/ NOVA and ASM Consortium Task Modelling focus on the user’s tasks, plans and goals System Modelling functional structure of the plant or system captures the physical and chemical principles

18 Conclusion Manufacturing building design has been successful
User interface design is a bold step that will get even better with new developments online information, new modelling approaches, and faster computers

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