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1 INSERT LOGO HERE User Pay Insert Presenter Information Here

2 INSERT LOGO HERE Agenda About User Pay Programs Rationale How User Pay Programs Operate Price Types of Programs Illegal Dumping Impact Q & A

3 INSERT LOGO HERE Why User Pay Insert facts and data about your municipality and why a User Pay Program would matter

4 INSERT LOGO HERE User Pay Programs First Implemented in 1991 Approximately 125 municipalities are currently using PAYT Province-wide Urban and rural Curbside, Landfill & Transfer Station Programs Approximately 1.5 million households

5 INSERT LOGO HERE Rationale Flat percentage from tax levy Residents have little financial incentive to reduce waste Offset costs of landfill closures Reduction in waste disposal Increase in recycling

6 INSERT LOGO HERE Programs Operation: Definitions Full or Partial User Pay Programs Full: Residents pay directly to dispose of every item Partial: The cost for collection or disposal of a set number of bags or items remains on the tax base. Residents then pay for additional items or bags

7 INSERT LOGO HERE Programs Operation - Variations Full or Partial Full: Each item is tagged or in specifically purchased program bags Partial: Setouts depends on how the number of free items are assessed Per Year: residents allowed a set number of “free” items per year; number of “free” items per year in Ontario programs ranges between 20-130; this approach requires that every item be tagged or in special program bags Per Setout: set number of items can be set out at no direct cost per collection; number of “free” set outs in Ontario programs ranges from 1-4 per collection; the “free” setouts do not require tags or special program bags

8 INSERT LOGO HERE Program Operation – Unit Prices Full Programs: Ontario Examples Tag prices ranges: $0.50-$3.00 Average: $1.50 Mode (Most Frequent): $2.00 Partial Programs: Ontario Examples Tag prices ranges: $0.50-$3.00 Average: $1.55 Mode (Most Frequent): $1.00

9 INSERT LOGO HERE Types of User Pay or PAYT Programs Tag-based Bag-based Punchcards Exchange

10 IssueTagsBags CostCheaper to produce15-18 cents/bag Recoup via fees SuppliersMore options Time to makeFew days-2 weeks8 weeks StorageSecure location needed EnforcementConsistent size Manipulation/ Counterfeit Can’t be folded, cut stolen, copied

11 INSERT LOGO HERE Illegal Dumping Illegal dumping exists in every community In the 15 years of operating experience in Ontario’s PAYT programs, illegal dumping has not been found to be a significant result of the user pay program Some programs have found a slight increase in illegal dumping as the program is launched, but levels quickly return to normal There are options for keeping illegal dumping to a minimum

12 INSERT LOGO HERE Impact on Low Income, Large Households and Seniors Similar to other utilities: the more you use the service, the more you pay BUT, conservation is rewarded by lower bills However, some municipalities have adopted measures to address concerns

13 INSERT LOGO HERE OPTIONAL SLIDES The Next 2 Slides are Optional

14 INSERT LOGO HERE Misperceptions

15 INSERT LOGO HERE Frequently Asked Questions


17 INSERT LOGO HERE Thank You Next Steps

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