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What Customers Are Saying… Silicon Image, Inc. Kenny Gilbert, Director Technology Services “Using Oracle Productivity Kit has completely changed the way we roll out and support Oracle applications for our users and analysts. Looking back, selecting this solution was a ‘no brainer’ for our organization.”

2 Oracle’s User Productivity Kit May 15, 2008
Nancy Manderfeld Senior Sales Consultant - UPK Oracle Direct

3 Agenda Importance of User Competency
<Insert Picture Here> Importance of User Competency What is User Productivity Kit (UPK)? UPK Demonstration Pre-built Content Welcome! Today we are going to discuss what UPK is, how it works and finally how your organization save time and money before, during and after the application implementation. 3

4 Importance of Training End Users
This pie chart reflects a survey conducted in 2003 by the Meta Group (now Gartner) for Oracle’s ERP customers. In their study, they looked at a variety of factors around end user competency. What they found was that an astounding 76% of the companies have user competency issues. 12% of users were failing – meaning that they could not complete the tasks that were required of their jobs 64% of users were sub-standard – they were able to use some of the functions of the software but were not gaining the full benefit of the ERP system’s functionality. The results prompted Oracle to provide a solution (UPK) to our customers to support user competency, before, during and after go-live. Ultimately, there are two critical success factors: Does the technology work and do users know how to adapt that technology to do their jobs. We want you to be successful using Oracle products, so it’s important that you are able to leverage the software to its full advantage. Of the 437 companies that responded to the survey, 76% faced user competency challenges related to their ERP system* * Meta Group

5 Importance of Supporting End Users
Maximize ROI Untrained users often ignore, misuse, or under-utilize new technology* Eliminate Excessive Support Untrained users require 3 to 6 times more support than trained users* Increase Productivity Untrained users may take up to 22.5 hours to achieve the same skill level that it takes a trained employee 5 hours to achieve* Maximize ROI – Untrained users often ignore, misuse, or under-utilize new technology, so your organization is at risk of not leveraging the full value of your investment They also require excessive support. As a Gartner study points out -Untrained users require 3 to 6 times more support that trained users. They can also can take up to 22.5 hours to achieve the same skill level it take a trained employee 5 hours to achieve and that 5 hours includes the training. Employees are a companies greatest asset – and investing in their ability to use the system technology throughout the lifecycle of your software investment can yield a high return ^ From Gartner Inc.

6 What is UPK (User Productivity Kit)?
UPK Single Recording Simulations See It Try It Know It Do It Paper Based Content: System Process Guides User Acceptance Test Scripts Mercury UAT Scripts Instructor Led Training Materials Attendee Facing Training Materials Job Aids Word or Adobe Based UPK is the tool that allows you to capture your application process within UPK (developer) and, with a single recording, produce multi outputs with minimal effort Single source of content development in a standardized format Standardized Format Online and Supporting Documentation that can be leveraged throughout the life cycle of your software investment from implementation through training, continued performance support and project upgrades. You have the Developer and the output as the key components of UPK. All of the EBS pre-built content we are going to view, includes all of the output you see here, for you to deploy or modify and deploy.

7 UPK Through the Software Lifecycle
UPK supports the project lifecycle by allowing an organization to quickly create the critical documentation, training, and support materials required to drive project team and user productivity throughout the lifecycle of the applications. The key to success with UPK is to understand how its functionality enhances traditional project tasks to not only ensure higher quality task completion but reduced time to realize benefits. This allows an organization’s resources to be efficient and spend more time running the business. UPK is a full service on demand training and project documentation development and delivery tool. Using UPK in every phase of the implementation or upgrade project lifecycle contributes greatly to the probability of a successful project and increases the benefits for an organization’s investment in enterprise applications. NOTE: The Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) supports the entire portfolio of Oracle applications. By utilizing advance object recognition, UPK is the only content delivery platform that can deliver just-intime, context sensitive end-user performance support for all Oracle applications. UPK is a full service on demand training and project documentation development and delivery tool. 7

8 UPK Language Capabilities
UPK Developer Languages Additional Translation Languages For organizations that provide global services and products or have locations around the world, localized content is very important. UPK has excellent capabilities to facilitate content translation, so content created in English, can be duplicated in French, Danish, or Japanese with less than half the effort of typical translation projects. The UPK Developer is available in the languages in red. This means the Developer interface will be in that language. And UPK includes template text translation for all the languages listed here for all of the UPK Outputs. The only thing you would have to have translated is any custom text and UPK includes a translation template. 1.) Template Text (system text) is automatically translated based on the language properties you indicate on the UPK content 2.) Customer Text (text that you have added) can be exported into an .xliff file, which is used by translation companies to provide translated content or it can be exported into a Word file for manual translation. Either way the text is tagged and is easily imported back into the UPK Developer where it originally existed. 3.) Screens in the localized version can be recorded with the ‘re-capture’ mode, similar to the ‘do it’ mode, but specifically for translations. 8

9 UPK User Experience

10 Usage Tracking is included when you purchase the UPK Developer, but it’s optional to deploy. It is a valuable component of UPK that helps track your user’s knowledge level of the application. You’ll know when the user took the training, what kind of training they took, and in the case of the ‘Know It’ mode what kind of score they received and if they Passed or Failed based on your parameters. If your organization is using a Learning Management System (LMS), you will most likely deploy UPK from that (UPK is AICC and SCORM compliant – LMS standards) and not use usage tracking to track training. However, customers that integrate UPK into their help system, can implement usage tracking to see where their users are accessing help. You can use that information to potentially provide additional training, change the application to make it more intuitive, or congratulate themselves for providing help to their users where and when they need it.

11 UPK - Usage Tracking 11

12 UPK Pre-built Content

13 EBS: Modules (14) Topics (745)
Content Modules EBS: Modules (14) Topics (745) Available for R12 Finance Accounts Payable (65) Accounts Receivable (53) Finance Centralized Solution (38) General Ledger (104) Assets (54) Internet Expenses (14) Human Resources Human Resources (102) Payroll (32) Self-Service HR (32) Performance Management (20) Time & Labor (38) Procurement Purchasing (102) iSupplier Portal (36) iProcurement (33) Note: Finance Centralized Solution Set includes: Cash Management, eBusiness Tax, and Sub-Ledger Accounting

14 Future Content Modules
EBS R12 Distribution Inventory Order Management Shipping Execution Manufacturing Shop Floor Management WIP Discrete MES OPM Product Dev. OPM Process Execution OPM MES HR iRecruitment Learning Management Projects Project Costing Project Management Project Resource Management Note: Finance Centralized Solution Set includes: Cash Management, eBusiness Tax, and Sub-Ledger Accounting

15 Value of Pre-built UPK Content
Mirrors Oracle Application Development Methodology Provides ‘As Delivered’ Process References Permanent Record of Original Delivered Functionality Eliminates Dedicated Instances To Analyze Delivered Functionality Delivers Value Throughout the Software Lifecycle Can be used as a Jump Start for Documentation and Training by Customizing Pre-built Content Use content as a “template” for future topics Allows Project Team the opportunity to learn vanilla application functionality Edit existing content to fit your business processes Reduces your development time 80/20 rule Perpetual training tool

16 Why UPK and WHO cares? IT Project Team End Users LOB Managers Support
Exec Mgmt To ease application implementation Document & test system processes To perform a fit gap analysis To capture application set-ups To perform application testing To train the user population To improve application usage To support end users To retain knowledge To train new hires 16

17 UPK Summary Collaborative, multi-user environment
Single Development Platform Built-In Object Recognition Discrete Recording and Editing Context Sensitive Help Pre-Delivered Content Value throughout the Software Lifecycle Value through the lifecylce New-hires training will be easier more cost effective to deliver Local and remote users will be trained via simulations or HTML Training Material will be suitable for both Classroom training and Web-based training UPK leverages existing content and allows for easy updating of this material Through documentation of system process has helped customer with compliance issues.

18 Customers Exploding growth Upgrade – 90% certification on go-live date
New product rollout Google: With their exploding growth, they needed a tool to help onboard employees to get up to speed AAA: Used UPK for an upgrade, and at go live date the certification rate was 90% Typically at implementation, certification rates for end-user are about 55% Delta Delta – HR rollout – UPK was fundamental to their rollout strategy to give employees exposure to new functionality. Silican Image a High Definitiion Content company – Purchased UPK the last week of May and had it deployed to users the third week of June Three week deployment

19 Q & A

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