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EPortfolio for All User Centered Student Data Theo Mensen.

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1 ePortfolio for All User Centered Student Data Theo Mensen

2 StePS Objectives Sponsors Board Rens de Groot Hans Kamps Theo Mensen Ton Wilthagen Marij Veugelers Stichting ePortfolio Support (StePS) Professor Pieter Willemsstraat 35, 6224 CD Maastricht KvK 14130506 Stimulating participation and employability off all by developing and using ePortfolio Activities Supporting developers, decisionmakers and users by distributing knowledge, expertise and best practices, organising expertmeetings and symposia

3 Digital Student Data Depositories ePortfolio Student Centered Information Services

4 Define: ePortfolio User Centric Supporting [Student, Staff ] Mobility Transfer of Learning Outcomes within and between Education & Labour Market Worldwide Interoperability (IMS/HR-XML)



7 Student Data for ePortfolio Services a User Centric Vision and Service Design. (VMR User Centered)

8 ePortfolio supporting Lifelong Learning

9 Education History in Facebook Apps

10 Careers Wales Online Europe’s first nationwide ePortfolio ePortfolio for 3 million citizens Supported by Careers Wales 49,000 users 6 months after launch The e-portfolio will grow with the individual, allowing them to develop a habit of recording and understanding their learning achievements and progress.

11 ePortfolio Use Case 2006: End of production of Smart Forfour 1.200 employees (1/3) layed off: – Avg age: 42 – Avg company years: 20 – Little formal education – Much inhouse training Mobility Center MCA Employability Portfolio – SAP-HRM – ROC (education) – Kenteq (EVC) – CWI (jobs, soc. sec. ben) – Synergetics – Kennisnet Over 80% placed within 1 year! 2008: Mitsubishi Outlander 2009: SUV Peugeot / Citroën 2012: MCA 2012



14 Bidirectional Matching Learning Outcomes

15 Employability Portfolio employability Portfolio – PES Pagina 15 Work and Income Client File Coaching profile Digital Client File Portfolio Competences Education Experience Competencies profile Services arrangement Profiling Coaching Activities Job finding capabilities Employability explorer Employability situation Employability Employment situation Personal situation Living situation Personal situation trigger Civil data V1.0 090506 Risk profile Agreements about resulting profile Network Relevant vacancies Applications Possibilities (explorer) AgendaActivities ResultsAgreements Improving your CV Improving Compentencies CTC / Workm@p Care profileEmployability profile HR-XML e-portfolio NL Digital Client File … DUO…

16 ePortfolio NL Stakeholders

17 ePortfolio NL NEN NTA 2035 Standard

18 HR Transactions Today :( 18 Employers Recruiting/Outplace ment Solutions HRMS Vendors PES/PRES/Job Boards Staffing/Recruiting/ Outplacement Other HR Solutions

19 HR Transactions Tomorrow :) 19 ePortfolio Employers Recruiting Solutions HRMS Vendors Job Boards Staffing/Recruiting Cos. Other Recruiting Solutions

20 ePortfolio in Professional Networks 20



23 [Student} Data exchange, data…. YouTube A day made of Glass

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