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© 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved Confidential VMware End User Computing VMware View 5: Your Cloud, Your Desktop, Just Got Better.

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1 © 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved Confidential VMware End User Computing VMware View 5: Your Cloud, Your Desktop, Just Got Better

2 2 Confidential OSUSERS DEVICESAPPS User Requirements are Dynamic and Diverse ACCESS: U.S. Employees Survey 37% use do-it-yourself tech 97% carry > 2 devices DEVICES: 2010 Shipments Tablets + Smartphones > PC 2015 shipments 1.1B cell phones, 300M tablets APPS: 2015 Mobile App Market $38B


4 4 Confidential Breaking the Cycle: How to Make Things Better Improve what you have now Rationalize and re-invest savings Embrace the Cloud Exploit increasing marginal returns to accelerate Escape to Your Cloud

5 5 Confidential VMware EUC Platform for the Post-PC Era CONNECTMANAGESIMPLIFY Desktop Service App Catalog Service Data Service Secure Universal Access Users, Apps, Data Policies Universal Services Broker End Users

6 6 Confidential Where are We Headed for the User? My Apps, My Files, Native Device ExperienceMy Apps, My Files, Native Device Experience

7 7 Confidential \ Improve what you have now Prepare to Break Out Better Desktops, Better Applications View 5 ThinApp Horizon AppBlast Octopus Social Apps View 5View 5 ThinApp

8 8 Confidential The Desktop as a Managed Service CONNECTMANAGESIMPLIFY Desktop Service Secure Universal Access App Catalog Service Data Service Users, Apps, Data Policies View Broker End Users View ThinApp

9 9 Confidential Introducing VMware View 5 Industry leading desktop virtualization solution delivers: The best end-user experience across the LAN and WAN The easiest solution to deploy and manage desktops The lowest desktop total cost of ownership

10 10 Confidential Increase security and ensure compliance Reduce desktop costs up to 50% Desktop management efficiency Simplify and automate IT tasks Zero downtime infrastructure Responsive and agile infrastructure On-demand resources VMware View Delivers Benefits Reduce end-user downtime Increase access flexibility Better desktop availability Desktop DR and backup End User Freedom My cloud on the go Cloud Infrastructure Always on, always responsive business IT Control Secure and control your cloud

11 11 Confidential VMware View Use Cases State/Local Education 2121 Financial Services Federal Gov Retail Healthcare Business Process Desktop OS Migration Application Compatibility Always On Desktop Follow Me Desktop ROBO

12 12 Confidential Summary: What’s New in View 5

13 13 Confidential User Experience

14 14 Confidential  New protocol settings configurable in GPO  Client Side Caching on or off  Build to lossless on or off  Default CODEC optimization for fonts Overview Benefits  Can reduce bandwidth up to 75%  Increased scalability over WAN for better user experience  Higher user density on WAN links  Customizable experience based on user, use case, available conditions PCoIP Optimization Controls Gain control of user experience performance requirements

15 15 Confidential When to use Lossless vs. Perceptually Lossless

16 16 Confidential Overview Benefits  QoS for high quality VOIP  Follow me desktop and communications  Seamless end user experience to increase productivity  Leverage existing investments - no additional purchase View Media Services for Unified Communications Integrated and scalable UC and virtual desktop solution  Seamless UC integration via View APIs  Integrated call control within desktop  Separation of VOIP encoding and decoding at client media engine  Direct point to point call connection

17 17 Confidential Overview Benefits  Easily enable 3D apps for users  Eliminate need to purchase physical GPUs or special client devices View Media Services for 3D Graphics Enabling richer graphics and applications for end users  Non-hardware accelerated 3D graphics  Support for DirectX 9 and OpenGL 2.1  Support for Aero and Office 2010  Acceptable WAN performance up to 100ms

18 18 Confidential Overview Benefits  Seamless user experience  Reduce user disruption and downtime  Improve user experience, no user intervention required PCoIP Continuity Services Automatically reconnect user sessions  Auto detects loss in connectivity  Auto reconnects session within 30 seconds

19 19 Confidential Management

20 20 Confidential Overview Benefits  Reduce desktop costs (TCO)  Enable lower cost floating desktops  Better user experience  Improve performance with faster log in times View Persona Management Efficiently Preserve Settings and Data  Just in time retrieval of user persona  No infrastructure required  Maintain personalization between sessions  No dependency on Roaming Profiles  Support for Win 7, Vista, XP

21 21 Confidential Overview Benefits  Enable performance monitoring  Proactively troubleshoot issues  Quick issue resolution  Easily integrates with existing tools PCoIP Extension Services Gain insight for troubleshooting and issue resolution  Per session statistics to monitor protocol performance and network impact  23 statistics available in 4 categories  Supports WMI based tools

22 22 Confidential Platform

23 23 Confidential Integration with vSphere 5 Revolutionize desktops and enable cloud computing  Dynamic allocation of optimized compute resources on-demand  Elastic resources quickly scale up and down to respond to changing business requirements  Simplify business infrastructure and standardize on a single easy to deploy platform

24 24 Confidential Getting Started

25 25 Confidential As Heard from Desktop Virtualization Customers  Standardize key steps to successful adoption  What experiences are common and uncover unique ones  Feedback on what is and is not working in the real world  Interviewed over 50 customers worldwide The adoption journey is based on real customer experiences to help ease the adoption process with key steps to avoiding common pitfalls and leveraging best practices.

26 26 Confidential RINSE & REPEAT 3 Key Steps to Adoption Solution Assessment PilotProduction

27 27 Confidential Solution Assessment 1. Identify the business trigger > what is the catalyst for change 2. Map trigger to the solution and develop business case 3. Define sponsorship, ownership and work team 4. Baseline current performance 5. Audit environment, users, applications, skillset Solution Assessment Pilot Production

28 28 Confidential The Follow Me Desktop Enable easily managed and accessible desktops for the on campus end user

29 29 Confidential The Business Process Desktop Delivering easily managed and integrated desktops for all agents.

30 30 Confidential Tips for Getting Started on the Right Foot Focus Engage with management to define need, benefit, budget. Team Dynamics Engage with cross functional teams early to gain support… Perception Educate key constituents on the solution, requirements and benefits Environment Run an assessment to uncover any environmental landmines

31 31 Confidential Pilot 1. Design and document the solution architecture prototype 2. Define and approve project milestones 3. Roll out to < 200 users for controlled testing 4. Watch for business and technical obstacles that can stall production 5. Monitor & Tune Performance 6. Identify metrics for value reporting Solution Assessment Pilot Production

32 32 Confidential Pilot: Technical Best Practices Server Image Design Storage Network Apps End Users Build on server virtualization skills and add desktop virtualization skills Optimize images for virtual deployment Design storage for scalability and performance (IOPS, spindles) Consider LAN, WAN, Wireless, Remote and Home networks QoS or SLAs. Virtualize and stream as many as possible Involve them in planning and testing

33 33 Confidential Pilot: Business Best Practices Expectation Focus on OPEX savings and tie benefits to business initiatives Process Redefine process to work with, not against virtualization Change Management needs to be the first users. Advertise internally and provide incentives End Users Engage them early, include in testing and partner for evangelism

34 34 Confidential Pilot: Example of Metrics for Reporting  Reporting value is KEY to demonstrating results and justifying investment

35 35 Confidential Production 1. Expand pilot to remaining users in use case 2. Leverage pilot users to evangelize and educate 3. Monitor, Optimize and Tune for scale 4. Transition deployment to IT Operations 5. Report value from metrics tracking 6. Apply learnings to physical environment 7. Expansion to address other business triggers Solution Assessment Pilot Production

36 36 Confidential Reporting Value: Real Results from Real Customers Increase teaching time by 90 hours per teacher per year! Decrease acquisition integration time from 3 months to < 3 days! Provision in under 2 minutes Instant virus remediation 50% reduction in desktop TCO Session portability for clinicians Support 40% more machines with same staff 92% reduction in login time 96% reduction in user downtime for re-imaging Cost avoidance of new datacenter Reduce real estate needs and costs Quick response time to changes Secure access for all employees

37 © 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved Confidential The End

38 38 Confidential Appendix – Customer Examples

39 39 Confidential Remote Clinical Imaging All the applications they need are right there at their fingertips, giving them a more global picture of their patients than ever before.” Cathy Crowley – CIO, Columbia Memorial Hospital

40 40 Confidential High Performance at a Distance “We’ve been able to build a system that is completely dynamic, manageable and scalable and deliver it thousands of miles away.” Josiah Becker, Systems Support Analyst

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