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Before We Open Your Pool

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1 Before We Open Your Pool
We’ve put together a list of easy steps to ensure a quick pool opening for you and our technicians. Please take a quick look at the slides and if you have any questions give us a call at or us at

2 Steps To Ensure A Quick Opening
Make sure that there is no water on the cover. Fill the pool up to the middle of the skimmers. Make sure the electric is on. Make sure the water is turned on outside. Make sure that all filter equipment is outside by the pool.

3 What Our Technicians Do?
Take Cover Off! Hook Up Equipment! Get The Pool Up & Running! Shock The Pool, Using Our Shock Or Yours! Our Shock Is An Additional Charge

4 Other Additional Fees (If Necessary)
Pool cover is full of water and debris Additional Charge: $149.99/hour + Tax DE is needed in the pool Problem with the heater Want us to Clean & Store your cover? Additional Charge: $ Tax (Safety Covers)

5 After We Leave If you do have a safety cover the pool may be dirty and/or have debris on the bottom of the pool. Anytime after 24 hours of the pool running bring a water sample in to your local pool store to be tested. This should be done within a week of opening. Note: If you are a weekly/bi-weekly customer you can disregard this.

6 Thank You! We look forward to opening up your pool and thank you for choosing Pool & Spa Service of Long Island. Please be sure to visit our website often for additional pool tips and videos.

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