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St. Paul’s Episcopal Church The Episcopal Presence In Doylestown… Since 1846…

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1 St. Paul’s Episcopal Church The Episcopal Presence In Doylestown… Since 1846…

2 Our Beginning…. Saint Paul's owes its birth to one woman - Elizabeth Pawling Ross - who in the 1840s was the only Episcopalian in Doylestown and who rode by horseback to Germantown once each month to receive Holy Communion. Perhaps at her encouragement, the Reverend George P. Hopkins journeyed to Doylestown from Philadelphia to see if he could stir any interest in founding a congregation here. The first service was held at Beneficial Hall (now the Masonic Hall) on State Street on May 18, 1845. For two years Mr. Hopkins "commuted" by stagecoach from Philadelphia to conduct a weekly service. In April, 1846, the parish was formally organized and shorlty thereafter land purchased and money raised to build a church building. The first services in the church were held on April 23, 1848.

3 Our Beautiful Church Building…. Come view our breath- taking stained glass…

4 Our Services…. Don’t miss our 10:00am service which offers a separate sermon just for children…. It is magical! We offer a quiet and peaceful 8:00am service as well as an upliftling10am sung mass

5 Fellowship and Community Life…. Getting the church ready for Spring Palm Sunday…. The kids just love those palms!

6 Fellowship and Community Life…. St. Paul’s Birthday Auction…. Everyone was there!! Such Commraderie…. One of the best things about St. Paul’s…. The parishners!

7 Our Ministries…. Flower Guild Acolytes Prayer Shawl Ministry Altar Guild Lectors Guild

8 Music….. St. Paul’s Choir…. Under the direction of Edward McCall St.Paul’s Choir Loft (above) and St. Paul’s organ (right)

9 Small Wonders… One of the best programs at St. Paul’s is the preschool program...the Small Wonders graduates as well as their parents never forget their time at the school…. It is magical! Celebrating over 20 years!!

10 Annual Events…. St. Paul’s Birthday Auction May 18 th, 2013- Happy 168 th Birthday St. Paul’s 168 years ago…the first service was held at St. Paul’s What a night! We held a birthday auction. There were many baskets of goodies for a silent auction as well as a live auction for extra special items….

11 Annual Events…. Easter Egg Hunt Easter 2013….. The kids of St. Paul’s had a blast!

12 Annual Events…. Don’t miss the annual Christmas Tea and Boutique held in the parish hall before or after the tour … see what holiday treasures you can find….. The tour is a must see at Christmas time in Doylestown!!! Each year our church selects four houses in Doylestown… Then members of our parish unleash their decorating skills.... When all is finished there are four beautifully decorated houses featured on tour.

13 Annual Events…. Rummage Sale -June 2013 We can sell anything…. Come see what treasures you can find….

14 Annual Events…. Vacation Bible School Vacation Bible School…. The Quest for the King…. July 2013 How uplifting to see kids having fun while learning… there was singing, dancing, and crafts…. At the end of the day…. When a child does not want to leave church… You know you’ve done something right!!! The kids had a blast!! Join us for next year’s Vacation Bible School….

15 Annual Events…. Easter 2013 The Lord Has Risen Indeed…..

16 Annual Events…. Spring Clean-Up 2013

17 Annual Events…. Christmas 2013 The Greening of the Church…. A new tradition this year…. Several members of the parish got together to deck the church for Christmas…. There was great food and great fun…

18 Annual Events…. Christmas 2013 The Greening of the Church…. The final results were stunning!!!

19 End of Our Show… Our story continues….. Won’t you come join us....

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