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A kangaroos long cone shaped tail helps it balance.

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2 A kangaroos long cone shaped tail helps it balance.

3 Kangaroos are fast so they can run away from predators.

4 They live in large groups so if an other animal attacks they are there to back each other up.

5 They are nocturnal so they can eat food without getting caught.

6 A bottle nosed dolphin has the ablate to breath through a blow hole. When they go under water the blow hole closes.

7 Blubber keeps a dolphin warm

8 Cheetahs have sharp teeth to bight down on the animals throat.

9 Cheetahs run fast to help them ketch there prey.

10 Cheetahs can camouflage them self to ketch there prey.

11 Cheetahs are the lightest cats weighing only 100 to 130 pounds.

12 The Giraffe live in wood grass land areas. So they eat the leaves on the trees.

13 They have horns on there head to fight with each other.

14 A few seconds after they are born they take there first steps so if a prettier attacks they will not get hurt.

15 They have only 7 bones in there neck. There neck helps them fight with other animals too!

16 The Seal has a torpedo shaped body so it could be a first class swimmer.

17 The seal has special whiskers like walruses to help it search for good tasty treats in the ocean.

18 Harp seals stay in a group all their life and they mate and travel together so they do not get attacked by there predators and they will be protected.

19 In the winter the great white sharks migrates south along the eastern sea board.

20 An average female shark grows to about 15 feet long females are usually longer than male sharks.

21 Some sharks circle their prey before an attack, but the great white sharks move in quickly and without warning

22 Great white sharks have brownish gray backs pale or white under sides there fins are tipped black.

23 Jaguars have a special shaped body so they can run away from there praetors.

24 The jaguars teeth help it rip up there prey.

25 Lions have tan fur to bleed with the ground when hunting prey

26 Warm blooded so it can survive the heat if cooled blooded would over heat

27 Manes help make them scare other lions

28 Lions can see in the dark when hunting

29 A tiger has 2 inchs of fat thick fur coat it ceps it cepes him warm

30 Sharp teeth sharp claws to get food.

31 The polar bear has webbed feet to help it swim.

32 Red salamanders live in caves, under logs or rocks, and sometimes in streams so that they can catch spiders, slugs, worms, and other insects.

33 If a red salamander wants to avoid a predator it will make its tail fall off.

34 Salamanders hibernate in dirt or under rocks or logs.

35 When salamanders are born they use the gills in water that they were born in.

36 A sea otters front paws that look like brown mittens to help it swim.

37 The sea otters hind legs are shaped like a flipper to help it swim.

38 Sea otters have good eyes to help see its pray under water.

39 The sea otter has brown warm fur to help it keep warm from the weather and keeps its skin dry.

40 sheep have hard fleshy pads they bit against with there bottom teeth.

41 Sheep will burp up a lump of grass when it is relaxed. Then it will chew that the lump of grass that came up from the sheep's stomach. The lump is called a cud and they do it for relaxing.

42 Sheep have sharp huffs to clime big rocky mountains.

43 Sheep have to dink milk for a few weeks because they don't have any teeth yet.

44 Snow monkeys have long fur in winter to keep them warm and in hotter seasons they have short hair.

45 The child holds on to the mother by clinging to her and that protects the child

46 A starfish can grow back their lost limbs because it needs them.

47 There mouth is on the bottom of there body to eat particle at the bottom of the ocean.

48 It has feet at the bottom of there body to help them stick to the ocean floor to sleep

49 Starfish can be different colors to help them blend in.

50 A starfish can grow back their lost limbs because it needs them.

51 The bearded dragon has a tail to keep it from loosing its balance.

52 A bearded dragons beard puffs up to look bigger.

53 The flamingo has long legs which allows them to stand in very deep water

54 Down feather help the flamingo keep worm and make the feathers water proof

55 The penguins color makes them nearly invisible to their predators.

56 Their wings shaped like flippers help them fly under water at speed 15 mph.

57 They have a layer of blubber (fat) beneath their skin helps them keep warm.

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