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Web TimeSheet Overview Maximizing Profit and Productivity.

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1 Web TimeSheet Overview Maximizing Profit and Productivity

2 Agenda About Replicon Inc. Web TimeSheet Features Benefits Architecture Technology Workflow

3 About Replicon Inc. Enterprise vendor since 1996 Leading global provider of Web-Based applications for time & expense tracking and productivity Product and customer focused Global customer base of over 2000 clients and over 1,000,000 licensed users spanning 52 countries. Over 40 clients in the Professional Services industry worldwide. Alliances with Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Intuit and Great Plains

4 Professional Services Customers Filling out time reports is not anyone's favorite activity, yet our employees rave about this software. Managers like the reporting flexibility, and the automatic email reminders to employees about late timesheets, and to managers about timesheets due for approval. Our Finance department can now prepare bills and do other analyses much quicker and easier than before. You might say that we are all "happy campers". I have not heard one dissenting voice about the new Time and Expense management system. Would we buy this software again? In a moment! It is a good value and a quality product. Now we can free up our internal resources that used to support our old "Time Tracker" for more productive activities. Alta Sr. Project Manager Ernex Marketing Technologies Inc.

5 Web TimeSheet 6.7 Configure the timesheet system to collect the information you want Powerful real-time reporting engine. Generate standard or custom reports on the fly with the pivot reports built in and the ability to export to excel Ensure accurate time entry, the Offline TimeSheet module allows employees to track time even when there is no Internet connection Integrated expense tracking in multi-currency. Auto tax calculations with the ability to have Offline Expenses Smart email notification to encourage prompt submission of timesheets Timesheets can be set up to use overtime rules as well as validation rules. Handles simple to comprehensive business rules.

6 Web TimeSheet 6.7 Integration with leading project management, accounting, ERP and Payroll systems 100% web-based. Absolutely no client server, ActiveX or Java applet technology used Accessible through both PC and Mac, IE and Netscape in their latest versions As a web based application Web TimeSheet can be installed and configured as required Security is addressed using unique login for end users, and permissions that are assigned and allow each end user to see only what you have assigned Multi level approvals can be defined and assigned for timesheets

7 Web TimeSheet 6.7 Flexible Multi-client billing and invoicing Employee Time-off requests and approvals can be made directly in Web Timesheet Reports can now be made in PDF format for easy e- mailing Customizable Web TimeSheet skin. You can also customize Web TimeSheet to display your own company logo and color schema

8 Simple Time Entry

9 Build Your Own Timesheet

10 Multi-Level Approvals

11 Easy Project Administration

12 Reporting Engine Reports are helpful for determining how time is utilized and for reviewing project costs and client billing. You can generate reports to review detailed or summarized data.  Customizable data filtering and report settings  Extract only the data you need to see  Public and Private reports  Pivot report capability built into the software  Generated reports can be reviewed in Web TimeSheet, printed, or exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for further editing/review

13 Easily Modified User Profile NT Authentication allows you to maintain your passwords in one database instead of two

14 Customizable Reports Customizable data filtering and report settings Data Grouping Field Select Detailed vs. Consolidated

15 Customizable Reports

16 Smart E-mail Notifications Promote Compliance 1. Choose from over 24 different automatic e-mail notifications, including reminders to submit timesheets, notify approvers of timesheets waiting, and overdue timesheet. 2. URL takes the user directly to the appropriate screen after a successful login. In this case, the URL will access the Waiting Timesheet Approvals screen after login.

17 Timesheet Workflow

18 IT Benefits Web based design provides: –Quick Deployment & ROI –Easy Administration Leverage investment in existing technologies 100% Web-based – accessible anywhere, anytime, through the internet or your intranet Import/export data via CSV. (flat file) to third party systems or through a Replicon Integration Manager Benefits Management Benefits Streamline business workflow processes to improve efficiency and output Eliminate data re-entry costs and errors Reduced requests for information from Supervisors & Employees Increase Employee adoption

19 Web TimeSheet Architecture Web server Browser Client: http: CGI/ISAPI Web Timesheet Server, Agent SMTP Server WAP HTML Templates WTS Access

20 Technology Behind Web TimeSheet Database MS Access MS SQL MSDE Oracle –ODBC, Native SQL Server Windows NT/2000 Client Browser and Platform independent Languages HTTP, SMTP, C++, CGI, Javascript No Java, ActiveX, or Plug-ins

21 Why Replicon? Well Established Founded in 1996 Over 1,000,000 paid licensed users around the world Leader in the Web-based TimeSheet Marketplace 2000 Customers in 42 countries Growing number of Fortune 500 customers: Citigroup, Verizon Communications, Lucent Technologies, Kraft, Bank of America, Raytheon, Blackbaud, and many others Proven products focused on core business needs A reputation for providing outstanding customer service and support Strong professional services team to assist with your integration needs Well designed, easy to use interface which assists with customer adoption and ease of implementation

22 For more information contact: Phone:011 768 5273 Fax:088 011 768 5273 Mobile:082 853 8838 (Alryn Smit)

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