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Hello, My name is Diana. I would like to introduce you my life in Kalo. Enjoy it!

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1 Hello, My name is Diana. I would like to introduce you my life in Kalo. Enjoy it!

2 First of all, this is the place of the school in Denmark. We are right next to the sea, and right next to a National Park what means there is a forest around the school. Here, we have the opportunity for running or just walking in between the trees. It is about 3-4 hours travelling from Billund, 1 hour from Aarhus and 3 hours from Aalborg. These are the bigger cities near, so it can be important if you have something to do in the town or those who come here by plane. The nearest town is Ronde, you can go there by bus (it is about 10 minutes) or you also can walk there, what lasts about 40 minutes through the forest.

3 The building of the school is simple, but it has its own beauty. In this part we have the teachers’ office, classrooms, the dining room and on the top some bedrooms for the students. Besides, we have a big hall, I would call it ballroom or drawing room where sometimes we have lessons or presentations. But it is only a part of the building. The school is on a farm, where we have several animals: pigs, cows, chickens, sheep, horses. During the practical days we learn how to care about them.

4 The dining room is a big and bright room where everyone has place. We have really nice food here and the kitchen ladies think about the vegetarians, too. They make different kind of foods, put it on the big wood table in the middle and we can chose whatever we want. In my opinion the best thing in the food is that everything we eat is organic. The meat is from the farm, and also the vegetables, apples. We have several kind of different apple trees. Some have smaller, some have bigger apples, and different tastes. We grown a lot of cabbages, onions, and other kind of vegetables that we usually eat. We also care about these ones, what is quite interesting, because we learn how to keep them, and how many work we have with them. I swear they taste better after this knowledge.

5 Every corridor have their own kitchen duties once in a while. At these times we have to wash the dishes and clean the dining room for a week, after lunch and dinner. The kitchen ladies always help us and believe it or not we have good time.

6 We also need to clean our corridors once a week. We usually share the work, so it lasts not more than half hour for everyone. In the corridor meetings we have words to say if there is some problems or if someone has ideas about the corridor, the school, parties, programs in the school, or any suggestions. The rooms are not so big, but close enough for a student (or two). In a room we have one or two bed (depending on is it is a single or a double room), a desk with chairs, wardrobe and a tap. It is quite comfortable if you do not have so many unnecessary things such as 3 suitcase of clothes, 15 pair of shoes, countless makeup, perfume, books, and so on.

7 There is 3 classroom in this building laying next to the forest. We have internet connection here what is important, because the lessons are interactive. The teachers usually make PPTs and put it in Dropbox for us to make the learning easier. About the learning: we have lessons from 8.15 to 16.00 except from Monday, when we start at 10.15 and finish at 15.00 and on Friday we finish the lessons at noon. They give us books here to use them during this period. You can buy them if you want, but it is not necessary. We learn a lot of chemistry and biology, but it is not as boring as it seems, because our teachers usually bring us out to show us what we are learning about. As a student you have projects sometimes what makes it more interesting, because during an assignment you need to search for information and also go for example to the pigs and observe their behavior or go to the field to study some plants and their life, or build. We really enjoy these tasks, especially because we have the choice to work in teams.

8 During the practical days we have to care about the school’s animals. It is fun, because we can use the tractors and the bobcat. It is a playing lesson what we have once every week. (I guess it is the best part of the week)

9 We have a beautiful park right next to the school where we can play football or volleyball or just sit on a bench and relax. Besides, we make camp fire sometimes. It usually happens at Friday evenings.

10 If you are not a sport man, never mind! We have some more entertainment facilities here. First of all, there is a room we can play table tennis, pool or kicker. Right next to it, there is a smaller room with a big television. We usually study here and sometimes collecting people and watching a movie together. However, if you want to watch some film, you can do it in our cinema. We are not allowed to keep alcohol in the rooms, but we do not need it at all, because there is a bar next to the college, what is open every Friday and some more times during the week.

11 This is our own seaside what is only 5 minutes walking from the school. We found some starfish what means that the pollution is minimal here.

12 This place is amazing and I am very happy for the opportunity to be here. I could not do it alone. The main support of mine was the Study in Denmark. Without them I would not have been able to come here or out of the country, at all. Their advices during the meetings and the possibility to write the English test helped me a lot. If I had questions, I just wrote them and they answer me as soon as they could. If you want to start it, do not be afraid! You do not have to care about everything like you should normally, because the members of Study in Denmark will help a lot. They send you samples of how to translate your certificate and introduce you to the life and habits of Denmark, give advices and help to find contacts which is very important, especially when you plan to go to a country that you do not know. I am really thankful for the lot of help I have got from them!

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