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How to Setup VLAN for EPL-1000? EPL-1000 / EPN-102.

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1 How to Setup VLAN for EPL-1000? EPL-1000 / EPN-102

2 Outline  Connection Topology  Prepare the environment for Management  Configuration Setup EPL-1000 FGSD-1022

3 Connection Topology UnTag Stream Tag 2 Stream Tag 2 Stream UnTag Stream UnTag Packetes Tag 3 Packets Tag 3 Packets UnTag Packets

4 Prepare the Environment  Please download the latest utility Example on utility version R141v2 in this guide (  Setup Management PC to  Connect Management PC to MGMT port of EPL-100  Unzip the file and execute the Utility

5 Configuration – EPL-1000  Please check the followings for the step of EPL- 1000 setup for both EPL-1000 and EPN-102.  Firstly, Enable the PON port.

6 Configuration – EPL-1000  Enable the Gigabit Ethernet Port Hint: For GbE TP port, you can also turn on Auto- Negotiation. For SFP Fiber connection, it is suggested to fix the mode at option 1 Gbps. Hint: At the end of a setting, and in the following page of this guide, please end up with Click on Apply. And / Or click on Refresh to Re-load the setting from the device.

7 Configuration – EPL-1000  Setup the VLAN for EPN-102, the ONU’s GbE port Hint: There will have two MAC addresses for EPN-102. The first one is for GE, the Gigabit Ethernet port. And the second one is for FE, the Fast Ethernet port Select the First MAC for GE port Hint: For EPN-104, there will be only ONE MAC. Select Dedicated Single VLAN Choose SET and Key in the VLAN ID. In this example, 2. Then Apply

8 Configuration – EPL-1000  Setup the VLAN for FE port of EPN-102 Select the Second MAC for FE port Select Dedicated Single VLAN Choose SET and Key in the VLAN ID. In this example, 3. Then Apply Hint: After this Bridge Mode is setup and applied, the EPL-1000 is Ready. Of course, if there are setting for IGMP VLAN, you can continue to add a IGMP for a specified VLAN. Say in this example, VLAN 2. Yet, in this guide, we focus on VLAN setup.

9 Configuration – EPN-102  Click on ONU object, the EPN-102

10 Configuration – EPN-102  Configure / enable the GbE port

11 Configuration – EPN-102  Enable the FE port of EPN-102

12 Configuration – EPN-102  Check the packet flow. Hint: By default, the EPN-102 will have two Queues one for UNI-1 (GE), the other for UNI-2 (FE). Click on EPON-0 to check the Queue Linkage. Click on UNI-1 to check the backward link to EPN-0.

13 Configure – EPN-102  Start to define the Queue Rules -> GE/FE packet out Hint: By default, there are two that help to forward the packets to two different Ligical Link and Queues. Click on Rules Click on EPON-0 Click on Add for new Rule Hint: Since here control the packets going out to the GE or FE port, so, in here we take out the VLAN tag if the PC connected to GE/FE do not suppot tag packets. Choose Precedence say, 15 Select Delete Tag Forward Choose the rule. Here we choose if VID !=0. Of course, it can also be: Operator: Always Match (Suggested) Then Add this rule Hint: After we added the out- going rule for GE / FE port. Then let’s setup the backward packets from GE / FE port back to EPL- 1000

14 Configure – EPN-102  Explain the Logical Index (LLID), Q0, and UNI port Hint: This page have a brief explain for the relationship between: Logical ID Queues UNI ports Physical Ports Logical Linkage Queue Buffer Hint: To help packet out to GE port, we need to make the link from EPON-0 to Logical ID 0 to Queue 0 of UNI-port 1. The same to UNI-port 2, the FE port

15 Configuration – EPN-102  Configure the Packet (GE port) back to EPL-1000 Hint: For packet back, we need the rule. Add the VLAN Tag and forward the packets Rule 1. Set Dest. Forward Rule 2 ADD Tag Forward Hint: After this two rules, NOW, the packet can forward to EPON-0 and then insert a VLAN tag 2 back to the network.

16 Configuration – EPN-102  Configure the packet (FE) back to EPL-1000 Hint: The same setting for FE port. Click on UNI-2 to setup the two rules again.

17 Configuration – EPL-1000 After the settings. Click on the Apply Then, click on the Save button Click on Next Choose Location and Click on Next Click on Done Hint: Now, from EPL-1000’s Giga port, the packces from GE port or FE port are all with VLAN tage.

18 Configuration – FGSD-1022  Now, qucik setup the FGSD-1022 for connections. Port 9 (GbE) port connect to GbE port of EPL-1000 Port 1 VLAN2 connect to IPTV Server Port 3 VLAN3 connect to PC station EPL-1000

19 Configuration – FGSD-1022  Add VLAN 2 - IPTV

20 Configuration – FGSD-1022  Add VLAN 3 - DATA

21 Configuration – FGSD-1022  Setup PORT PVID for port 1, port 2

22 Configuration – FGSD-1022  Setup PORT PVID for port 3, port 4

23 Setup Complete  Now, the Server at port 1, port 2 can communicate with GE port of EPN-102 through EPL-1000  And, the PC at port 3, port 4 can talk with FE port of EPN-102.  At the mean time, port 1, port 2, can not talk with FE. And GE can not talk with port 3, port 4.

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