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Monika Kowalska- Wojtysiak Kolegium Nauczycielskie w Zgierzu Polska.

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1 Monika Kowalska- Wojtysiak Kolegium Nauczycielskie w Zgierzu Polska

2  According to the Constitution, every citizen has the right and oblication to education.  Education in public schools is free.  Primary and secondary schools are obligatory for children from 6 to 18 years old- thats way in Poland there is no illiteracy.

3  Parents are responsible for taking the children learning in schools.  In Poland there are :  the Ministry of National Education (MEN)  the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (Higher Education).

4  The Polish education system is composed of the following institutions: 1 Kindergarten – for children from 3 to 6 years 2 Schools:  primery - teaching them lasts 6 years and divided them into two three-year phases; Class I-III Early education with integrated education and conducting classes by one teacher-educator; Class IV-VI include items (Polish, modern foreign language, music, art, physical education, mathematics, science, computer science, engineering, history and society, religion or ethics-education for family life - from class V)

5  Secondary school  Post-secondary schools  In Poland, there are also special schools for children with mental retardation and other disabilities-for example, vision and hearing.

6  After passing the examination, student can choose the direction of higher education.  Some courses of study lasts three years and leads to a bachelor's degree (eg early school education), other studies underway five years and graduate with a master's degree, such as psychology degree.

7 I work at the Teachers College in Zgierz. In this school teach the young people who want to become a teacher in the future. Students willing to participate in the workshop. They gain there practical skills needed to work with children.

8  After graduating college students receive a bachelor's degree and they must continue their studies at University.  When they submit exams they will receive a master's degree and they be able to work in different schools.

9  This is not the end to the study of the youth.  In Poland there is a provision which requires teachers to continuous improvement of professional qualifications.  If a teacher wants to get a degree qualified teacher- he must by 12 years demonstrate continual improvement.

10 In Poland, you can take learning at any age- a person in late adulthood may be students of the University of the Third Age.

11  Zgierski University of the Third Age was established 2007.  The success of this project is the fact that after the year of the University, the number of its students has doubled, and now in 2014- ZU3W has 395 students.  Since June 2009, the University has legal personality

12  ZU3W works on the basis of its own Statute, which defines the most important tasks: 1. maintenance of intellectual ability, psychological and physical 2. Work on the social activity of older people. 3. Intergenerational Integration

13 Thank you for your attention

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