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INTERESTING PLACES IN GREAT BRITAIN Vypracovala:Mgr.Silvie Reitharová.

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1 INTERESTING PLACES IN GREAT BRITAIN Vypracovala:Mgr.Silvie Reitharová

2 HADRIAN´S WALL The Wall was built by Roman emperor Hadrian in 120 A.D. It was built to protect Britain against Scotish attacks from the north It divided historical parts of England and Scotland There were a lot of small forts and watchtowers where Roman soldiers served and watched the borders.


4 STONEHENGE One of the most famous megalitic sights in the world Was built probably 3 200 B.C., but there are no sure dates Stonehenge is a circle of big stones, called „menhirs“. Inside the circle there are some more, smaller stones built in the shape of a horse shoe. In fact nobody knows who, when and why built Stonehenge There are a lot of theories, acording to them Stonehenge was an observatory or a tribal gathering place or some kind of a religious centre, but who knows…..


6 CORNWALL Cornwall is a south-west part of England The climate is friendlier because of Golf Stream that makes it warmer Cornwall is connected with many old legends and stories. For example Tintagel Castle is supposed to be the place where King Arthur was born. Cornwall is a good place for spending holidays, with its beautiful landscape and favourite beaches The most famous towns are Penzance, Plymouth or Newquay


8 LAKE DISTRICT LAKE DISTRICT National park in the north-west of England Landscape full of lakes, hills and forests. An ideal place for trips and holidays There are 16 large lakes, the largest one is called Lake Windermere


10 OXFORD AND CAMBRIDGE OXFORD AND CAMBRIDGE Two famous university towns. They have a special name.If they are spoken together, they are called Oxbridge Oxford is situated in the west of London, Cambridge is situated in the north of London. The universities consists of a lot of particular colleges. Together they create a town. Rowing is a tipical sport for Oxbridge students


12 STRADFORD UPON AVON A little town situated in the north-west of London A famous birthplace of William Shakespeare The playwright´s grave is in the 12th century Church of the Holy Trinity

13 HASTINGS A little town situated on the south coast of England. In 1066 William of Normandy, called William the Conqueror, defeated English king Edward the Confessor and became English king William I. This battle influenced English history for a long time


15 Scotish „lochs“ In Gaelic (Scotish language) „loch“ means lake Scotland is a place where there are plenty of lochs The largest loch is called Loch Lomond But the most favourite one is well-known Loch Ness, which is famous for its legendary Monster


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