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 Question: If there was away to restore the principles America was founded on by uniting with other citizens who also wish to save our country, through.

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1  Question: If there was away to restore the principles America was founded on by uniting with other citizens who also wish to save our country, through a God inspired movement known as Pledge7 would you commit to it?  If it required only 7 minutes per week would you make the pledge?  If the answer is yes then go to the website below and sign on to take our Country back we call the United States of America, where the Power belongs to God and His People.  (Please see Notice on the last Slide!) Pledge 7

2  Unless “We the People” unite and stand together now, this nation as founded will cease to exist!  The current leaders in our government serve other gods, over the past five decades they have methodically eroded our freedoms, rights, and liberties!

3 President Obama declared that the United States is not a Christian Nation! He further Proclaimed that the United States of America was one of the Largest Muslim Nations in the World! The Government is Proclaiming that the most vital issues facing our nation today are; Gay Marriage (Destroy the Family Structure) Abortion (Free Contraception & Abortion Pills) Gun Control (Disarm the Law Abiding Legal Citizens) Amnesty (Reward those who disrespected our Laws) We Reject this Proclamation! The only impact these issues are having on our nation will be to insure its Demise.

4 Pledge7 is seeking all those who acknowledge that our nation is in jeopardy! Pledge7 is asking for a commitment of “7” minutes a week, for those 7 minutes committed by millions of people across this great nation by joining hands and using their voices in unison, we can reclaim our rightful inheritance provided us by our Creator, Founders, and all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to preserve them for us. Remember when the Walls of Jericho came tumbling down? Remember the Old Testament, Joshua 6: 1-20 how God instructed Joshua to have his people march around the City of Jericho 7 times, for 6 days they were to March around the city just one time, but on the 7 th day they were to March around the City 7 times, after which the trumpets blared and Joshua commanded all the people to give a big shout in unison, and immediately the walls came down as God had Promised. Yes, if the Lord Wills, our nation can be restored, yes, God can be restored to his rightful place, over the people of this nation, but we must first standup and be heard, through prayer, and by our shouting in “unison” against the evil being forced upon our nation we can reclaim it! Pledge7 understands that as Citizens, our voices are in peril of being silenced!

5 Is this the United States of America? How can it be that a President would stand by and do nothing when our nation is being attacked? Remember, for over 7 hours President Obama did nothing even though he had the resources available to have saved the lives of some or all of those who died on 9/11, 2012!

6 Historians Centuries Ago made note of the Steps Nations go through from rise to fall. From Bondage to Spiritual Faith From Spiritual Faith to Courage From Courage to Liberty From Liberty to Abundance From Abundance to Complacency From Complacency to Apathy From Apathy to Dependence From Dependence back into Bondage With God all things are possible, please join us in our quest, our prayers, and our mission to restore America, to hold those who betray our nation accountable, make the commitment to join Pledge7.

7 Pledge to Restore God and America as it was established!

8 Let us not forget who our God is! He is the Alpha, and He is the Omega ! As children of God our faith is in heaven, and not in the world. The United States was founded on the Principles of God, as our Founders were God fearing followers of Christ. We only need to turn our eyes onto our Lord Jesus Christ to guide our path, and through our faith, even as small as a mustard seed, mountains can be moved. Pledge7 is about restoration of what God created, about returning God to his rightful dominion over our nation, without Him our Nation would never have been!

9 What is Pledge7 Pledge7 is an organization that was established for two specific reasons, first, to restore God to His rightful dominion over our nation, and secondly, to restore those things endowed by our Creator; those unalienable rights, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Each person who pledges 7 minutes a week will be provided the necessary tools to carry out the various missions which focus on achieving these two objectives. Each member’s day of commitment is based on the first letter of their last name, as follows; If the first letter of your last name is; A, B, C or D your commitment of 7 minutes will be each Monday. E, F, G or H will be each Tuesday I, J, K or L will be each Wednesday M, N, O, or P will be each Thursday Q, R, S, or T will be each Friday W, X, Y, or Z will be Saturday. The time you will devote your 7 minutes is up to you, we only request that it be after 7am or before 7pm.

10 "The land on which they (the Founders) formed this union was stolen. The hands with which they built this nation were enslaved. The women who birthed the citizens of the nation are second class.... This is the imperfect fabric of our nation, at times we've torn and stained it, and at other moments, we mend and repair it. But it's ours, all of it. The imperialism, the genocide, the slavery, also the liberation and the hope and the deeply American belief that our best days are ahead of us.“ MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry on July 1 delivering what she called "my footnote for the Fourth of July“ Unfortunately, the News Networks comprised of what is referred to as the Main Stream Media embrace this type of animosity towards our Founders, and as such they disrespect our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights. This hatred for our nation then transcends into their reporting, which are solely guided on their personal perception of the world, not the truth! The Mainstream Media today promotes their disdain and vitriol for the United States of America, they are not proud of our nation, they despise it, and as such they support those who seek to destroy it, as the following example depicts;

11 As a People, we rely on those who report the news, we have assumed that they would only report the truth to we the people, but today that is not the case, in fact, the vast majority of the news being reported by the Mainstream Media are based on lies, which are designed to misguide the people, to lead them astray away from the truth, concealing the truth and inventing falsehoods to further an agenda which is devoted to seeing our nation fail! Our nation’s survival is reliant on a nation of people who know the truth, not the lies and propaganda of those who are seeking to establish a Tyranny in which the people will be forced into dependence, and bondage! This is why the first Mission of Pledge7 will be devoted to restoring trust in our News Media, and a “0” tolerance policy will be put in place. We the People must demand truth in reporting, it will be to our own demise if we do not! The Deceivers in the Mainstream Media must be eradicated from our Society, this is not an option, it is a must!

12 What are the objectives of Pledge 7 The Pledge7 “Conviction Team” is comprised of various believers from all walks of life, who are devoted to discovering the optimum way to use the voices of God’s children that will result in the restoration of both God, and our Freedoms and Liberties. The first mission of Pledge7 will be to restore trust and integrity into our News Media, which has betrayed the people as a result of their bias, using deception and lies in an attempt to mislead them! They have been successful in concealing the truth from millions of American citizens, and it is vital that the Greatest Nation on earth has a news media in which the citizens can place their trust, and be provided the truth, and nothing by the truth. The News Media Organizations will be notified that we the people will establish from here on; a “zero tolerance” regarding the information they report on, and our policy will not be compromised or waiver under any circumstance. The first “Shout Pack” will be e-mailed to you, and will contain all the tools necessary for you to carry out your 7 minute, weekly pledge!

13 The Shout Pak The specifics of each mission will be provided to those who have made the Pledge via e-mail, the “Shout Pak” contains all the information necessary to carry out their 7 minute commitment to Pledge7, as well as additional information, the Shout Pak will provide the following; The Mission: A detail description as to what and why each mission is important in reaching the Pledge7 Goals & Objectives. The Tools: This would include the pre-written e-mail messages that need to be sent out each week, the corresponding e-mail addresses, and depending on the mission may also include phone numbers, fax numbers, prewritten letters. (Both the Prewritten messages and letters can be cut and pasted) Recruitment Tools: Information about Pledge7 that can be forwarded to friends, family, and acquaintances requesting them to join forces with Pledge7.

14 Mission Structuring Process Pledge7 is solely committed to accomplishing its Goals & Objectives, and is also just as committed to ensuring that Pledge7 first and foremost Honor God, and Country. The Pledge7 “Conviction Committee” will be responsible for determining, and laying out each Mission. Each Mission adopted will have been thoroughly thought out, prayed over, and must meet with the stringent guidelines which were established to protect the integrity, righteousness, and purity of the Pledge7 Organization, wherein we seek, respect, and honor God in all we do takes precedent over all else. Like any well laid out plan, there are various phases that will be implemented in a sequential order, each propelling the next to achieve the optimum results from each mission, establishing the necessary foundation for the next one, and so on. Each Pledge7 member will be provided a detailed outline of the Mission(s)

15 Pledge7 Missions Each Mission has been carefully considered, and structured in such a way to bring about the necessary reforms that result in achieving the Pledge7 Goals & Objectives. The methodology and strategies incorporated in each Mission are based on sound moral principles, yet will be very effective in eradicating the necessary evils which are plaguing our nation today, which will be carried out simply by using our voices! Pledge7 requests that all Christian members say a brief prayer prior to carrying out their 7 minute duties. The life span of each Mission may vary, the most important thing is that each Mission be carried out faithfully, for the Power stems from God’s children using their voices in unison to tear down the walls of deceit and eradicate the filth that has fractured, and stained our Nation.

16 Other Features of Pledge7 Pledge7 believes that the people being knowledgeable is essential to preserving their freedoms and liberties, which unfortunately is difficult to accomplish when the Mainstream News Media has betrayed the people for years through reporting misinformation and concealing much of the truth! As such, the Pledge7 website will provide a page dedicated to revealing many of the facts that have been concealed from the people, as an example; Pertaining to Pedophilia in America, how many know that Kevin Jennings, who Obama appointed as the "Safe School Czar" is not only a homosexual, but a supporter of the Organization NAMBLA, North American Man Boy Love Association. How many know that Mr. Jennings once spoke at a NAMBLA convention and boasted how once as a Counselor he advised a fifteen year old boy to go ahead and have sex with an older man...... but to bring a condom! See Next Slide for another example!

17 Did you know that on 9/12/2001 that Van Jones, who President Obama appointed as his “Green Jobs Czar” led a vigil that expressed solidarity with Arab and Muslim Americans as well as what he called the victims of “U.S. imperialism” around the world? That Van Jones was the leader and founder of a radical group, the communist revolutionary organization “Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement” (STORM) Did you know that between the years of 1917 – 1987 governments murdered over 110 million of their own citizens after first requiring them to register their guns, followed by confiscating them, followed by murdering them. Did you know that in the USA approximately 11 thousand people are murdered where guns are involved each year, and that over half of them are by committed by gang members! Did you know that it would take 9,090 years at the current U.S. annual murder rate where guns were used to equal the number of people murdered by governments within just a 70 year period!

18 Did you know that over 33,000 gangs are operating in the United States, and that they are well armed, with over 1.6 million gang members, which are mostly illegal’s, and are responsible for the vast majority of violent crimes here in the USA! Did you know that the NDIC (National Drug Intelligence Center) worked with the FBI and Law Enforcement since 1993 in tracking drug and gang activity, as well as reporting vital information that we the people need to know? Did you know that in 2011 Barack Obama shut down the NDIC! Did you know two major studies were completed on whether gun control lowered crime rates or not, one by Harvard University, the other by the University of Massachusetts, and both studies concluded that where ever stricter gun laws were in place experienced “higher” murder and crime rates than those that had little gun control. Did you know that the Second Amendment was solely about keeping the people of our nation well armed for the sole purpose of fending off a government that attempts to establish a tyranny!

19 Had our Founding Fathers only been armed with slingshots and peashooters during the American Revolution do you believe our nation would have ever been established? The Government is aggressively seeking to reduce the kinds of weapons we can own, of course, the ones that provide us the greatest ability to fight off tyranny are being targeted! There are hundreds of truths pertaining to our Politicians, our Economy, our Military, our National Security which have been hidden from the “Peoples” eyes and ears, the reason is simple, they are pursuing an agenda which is designed to force the United States to surrender its Independence and Sovereignty, and force it into becoming just another Subservient Nation under the Rule of the United Nations, and establish the One World Government! Pledge7 acknowledges that it is God Who determines when certain events will happen, and His Children have the power of Prayer over the enemy, let’s use them together and take back our nation!

20 The Time to Stand together against Tyranny is Now! Make your Pledge today!

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