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Get a jump start on affording your call. Financial Aid 101.

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1 Get a jump start on affording your call. Financial Aid 101

2 Tuition : $480/credit – full time $525/credit – part time Housing: $315 - $825 inc. utilities, cable & internet Books: $200-$300 per semester Meal plan: $355 per semester Insurance: $235/month if not already insured Fees: included in tuition costs Know what to budget:

3 You CAN get support but you must plant the seed:  LTSG scholarships  Your Congregation  Your Synod  Your local high school Guidance Counselor  Federal Direct Loans  Outside scholarships (including Fund For Leaders) You are your own best salesman!

4 All degree seeking students, full or part time, receive scholarships; Merit-based - Academic and/or leadership gifts; Average = 45% of tuition; Scholarship Committee meets 3 times per year; Award remains constant throughout your time here; Fellowship awards and STM scholarships available for grads. Info on LTSG scholarships

5 New scholarship distribution program that echoes stewardship given by LTSG grads, and helps offset loan interest.  MDiv: up to last 30 credits free of charge;  MAMS: up to last 15 credits free of charge;  MAR: up to last 12 credits free of charge. Scholars of Abundance: Pray! Trust! Share!

6 Candidates must be full-time ELCA students; Candidates are nominated by Scholarship Committee and ELCA selects recipients; Two candidates receive full tuition from ELCA; Three additional candidates receive half tuition from ELCA and half tuition from LTSG. Must apply for financial aid by February 15 th to be considered for this award. ELCA Fund For Leaders award

7 ALL graduate loans originated on or after July 1, 2012 will be UNSUBSIDIZED only $20,500 maximum eligibility per year Carries a 6.8% interest rate immediately upon disbursement Can be deferred but then gets capitalized after grace period is over Federal Direct Loans

8 Financial Coaching program Free to all students and their spouses 24 volunteer coaches One on one meetings Become a better financial steward Not just helpful in personal finance matters but also that of a congregation or other call Financial Avenue online course Financial Wellness = More Responsible Church Leader

9 Apply for financial aid Go online to complete your In-house financial aid application: February 15 th = deadline for Fund For Leaders ELCA scholarship; April 15 th and October 15 th = additional committee meetings to consider awards.

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