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Are We There Yet? Kari and Shane.

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1 Are We There Yet? Kari and Shane

2 Are We There Yet? In your groups, please follow the directions listed on your sheets of paper. You will have 5 minutes to complete this task. Let’s Discuss! Kari

3 Are We There Yet? Address at the Institute for Research on Women and Gender’s 30th Anniversary Celebration November 3, 2004 Assess progress made in the journey to make gender a contributing, but non limiting influence Have women completed the journey of gaining and equal footing with men? In your opinion, Are we there yet? Kari

4 Keohane Doesn’t Think So
Keohane’s Ethical Issues Surrounding Gender Extent to which women hold leadership/authority Flexibility in household domestic arrangements Good provisions for childcare Control over reproductive choices Reduction in sexual harassment Access to education Chances for meaningful work, good jobs, and equal pay Cultural depictions of womanhood emphasizing personhood rather than sexuality Which are most relevant, today? Note about health - reproductive choices - equal jobs equal pay

5 As a Group….. Please name all the Baldwin-Wallace Senior Officers you can recall How many are female? Please name as many US Cabinet members as possible Shane

6 Baldwin-Wallace Senior Officers

7 United States Cabinet

8 Are We There Yet? Baldwin-Wallace College Senior Officers
42.8% of B-W’s Senior Officers are women. United States Cabinet Members 26.6% of the US Cabinet Members are women.

9 Keohane’s Approach and Findings
Created a gender research committee at Duke in 2002 – 6 years into her presidency. Qualitative data to back every conclusion Progress being made on certain dimensions Access, Family structure, Sexual harassment Little Progress on others Leadership levels, lack of mentors, childcare, equal opportunity, campus stereotype and image. “Blockages” “Effortless Perfection” “ Lack of Mentors” Have you witnessed these? Is it an issue? How do we combat? Shane and Kari Paterity leave, are men supporting the movement, bigger, day care non traditional orking arrangements

10 Framing- Symbolic Symbolic Framework
Motivating Celebratory “No” she said … “you answered, Man. You didn’t say anything about woman.” “When you say Man,” said Oedius, “you include women too. Everybody knows that.” “She said: “That’s what you think.” Kari

11 Framing - Political “My experience Does allow me to understand how difficult it is to put women’s issues at the forefront if you want to be taken seriously as a major player. I waited until I was taken seriously and then used my prestige and clout to turn to women’s issues. That may have been the right strategy; but I am still sorry it took me so long”

12 Framing - Structural “Twenty undergraduate focus groups were drawn…graduate and professional students were studied…we held another 6 focus groups for alumnae…even trustees were surveyed” Keohane displayed multiple frames What effect does Keohane’s reframing have, especially concerning gender issues? Shane

13 Ethical Thought Models
Heavily Influenced by a Rights Approach Lists concrete rights women should have Does the rest of society believe women have the same rights? How do we close the disparity? Secondary Ethic Models Fairness Common Good Virtue Shane

14 Reactions and Questions
The Gender Ideal Positively contributing to personhood but no limiting. Do men need to be studied as well? How can we best confront negative male stereotypes? Should Keohane have initiated her steering committee earlier? Characteristics of the institution? Ethics vs. tradition Shane and Kari Again

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