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2 VALERIE VANDENHENDE, PROMOTION OFFICER, ISEN-Lille Ensemble, ré-inventons le monde 2

3 3 The French HE System and the Engineering Degree universities engineering schools (grandes écoles) specialist schools and institutes Students in France attend three main types of institutions: 3 5 8 Engineer degree UniversitiesEngineering school Master Doctorate Bachelor High school Foudation Courses Job nation-wide entry exam Baccalauréat 2

4 Ensemble, ré-inventons le monde 4 French Engineering Education (Grandes Ecoles) Schools of Engineering with high autonomy Good employment prospects (starting annual salary > 34 k € ) Incoming students’ selection through nation-wide entry exam 5 years of higher education – 1 st to 3 rd year with high level of theoretical studies in mathematics and physics and introductory technological studies – 4 th & 5 th year advanced technological studies with transition to professional activities Language training during the 5 years + certification Industrial placement(s) Excellence in Communication & Management Skills expected Since 1936 accreditation of diplomas by National Agency (CTI) mandatory High social and professional recognition of the Degree

5 Ensemble, ré-inventons le monde 5 ISEN - Institut Supérieur de l’Electronique et du Numérique School of Engineering in Electronics and Digital Technologies Founded in 1956 in Lille – 3 Campuses (Lille – Brest – Toulon) – 1600 Students (ISEN-Lille : 750) – 180 Permanent staff (ISEN-Lille 100) Member of a Group of 3 engineering schools “ HEI-ISA-ISEN” : 3750 students Master Level Engineering Diploma - Accreditation by French “Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur” (CTI) Selection of students prior to admission (Competitive entrance exams) Co-founder of the IEMN laboratory (Electronics, Microtechnology & Nanotechnology)

6 Ensemble, ré-inventons le monde 6 Location ISEN - Lille Lille -> 3rd largest city in France – 1.2 million inhabitants – 4 universities – 120 000 students – High speed trains to Paris, London & Brussels ISEN Group – 2 other campuses in Brest & Toulon Lille Paris Brest Toulon France 1h by TGV

7 Lille : A city at the heart of Europe 7

8 Some figures about the Lille area 1.2 millions inhabitants 36% of the population less than 25 years old 1st French center for textile and smart textile 2 nd French city for international headquarters 2 nd French city for insurance companies 3rd position for banking, agribusiness, mechanical and electrical industries Fast growing high-tech & IT industry 100,000 students and 3,000 researchers: the 2nd academic region in France 4th tourist destination in France: – 280 classified monuments and sites – 6 major museums – 70 cinemas – 250 restaurants 8

9 Lille Cultural Capital of Europe 9 Piscine - Roubaix LAM Beaux Arts Louvre - Lens Beaux Arts

10 Culture & Sports Ensemble, ré-inventons le monde 10 Lille 3000 Festival Lille National Orchestra Lille Opera Zenith Arena (Popular music) Tourcoing Jazz Festival LOSC (Lille football club, Champions League)

11 Région Nord – Pas de Calais The 3rd industrial revolution Ensemble, ré-inventons le monde 11 Renewable energies Positive energy buildings Energy storage « Internet » of energy Reinvent mobility & transport Master Plan Région Nord-Pas de Calais : 1000 M€ (2014 – 2020)

12 Ensemble, ré-inventons le monde 12 ISEN – Lille : Modern facilities in Lille City Center ISEN & UCL

13 Campus Environment Ensemble, ré-inventons le monde 13 Students’halls of residence Students’ restaurants Shops & banks University Sports Facilities

14 Ensemble, ré-inventons le monde 14 Structure of ISEN Engineering Degree Bachelor 1Bachelor 2 Bachelor 3 Master 1 Master 2 Mathematics, Physics, Industrial Sciences Industrial Placement 1 1 month Industrial Placement 1 1 month Mutimedia, Information Systems and Networks Digital Technologies and Applications Project Management and Business Development High Technology and Innovation Design Bachelor « Engineering Sciences » (CSI) Computer engineering, Networks, Mathematics, Physics Computer Science, Quantum Mechanics Nanosciences Analog Electronics Digital Electronics Digital Analysis Programming Bachelor « Computer Science & Networks » (CIR) High Technology and Environment or 14 Ind. Placement 2 3 months Ind. Placement 2 3 months Ind. Placement 3 6 months Ind. Placement 3 6 months or

15 Ensemble, ré-inventons le monde 15 Industrial Partnerships Internships – Academic project Works Recruitment Research - Training

16 ISEN-Lille People 37 faculty & engineers 30 CNRS researchers 39 PhD students 14 Post-Doc 2 Visiting scientists Research areas Micro- & Nanotechnologies Acoustics Communication Electronics Robotics Computer Science Co-founder of IEMN Laboratory Scientific excellence ~ 200 int. publications / year 2011 : 85 J. 105 C. 18 IP. ~ 1000 citations / year A+ grading by AERES (IEMN) ISEN-Lille Research Overview Ensemble, ré-inventons le monde 16 Budget & cooperations Public & private research contracts 1,9 M€(2012) Cooperations ST, Thales, Alcatel-Lucent, … Univ. Berkeley, Univ. Twente, …

17 International Partnerships Ensemble, ré-inventons le monde 17 Germany Universität Dortmund United Kingdom King’s College London University of Leeds University of Greenwich Spain Université de Grenade Université de Salamanque Université San Pablo Madrid Brazil UFRJ Santa Catarina Italy Politechnico de Turin Poland Univ. de Varsovie Roumania Univ. Polytechn. de Bucarest Russia Univ. St. Petersbourg USA Juniata College Pensylvania Canada Université de Chicoutimi ETS Montreal University of Alberta Mexico UDEM Monterrey Ibero-Américana Mexico India SRM University, Chennai Australia University of Auchland Philipines Univ. Ateneo de Manila Univ. Lasalle Corea Kookmin University Sungkyunkwan University China Shanghai University Zhejiang University Hongzhou Dianzi University Forthcoming MOU with Beijing Jiaotong University & Northwestern Polytechnical University

18 Ensemble, ré-inventons le monde 18 HEI – ISA - ISEN Federation of 3 Schools of Engineering on the campus of the Catholic University of Lille Largest Private Engineering Institution in France – 3750 Students – 395 permanent staff – 45 M€ annual budget – 18 Engineering specializations

19 Flagship Project : ADICODE : Center of Excellence for Co-design and Innovation Ensemble, ré-inventons le monde 19 A modern approach to learning and innovation

20 Research areas  Physics of semiconductors nanomaterials (including electronic structure calculations, growth, electrical characterizations, processing & fabrication of devices)  Instrumental development in scanning probe microscopy  Picosecond ultrasonics  THz generation & detection For applications in Quantum devices, Microelectronics, Optoelectronics, Solar cells, (Biological) sensors Affiliated lab : IEMN (Institute of Electronics, Microelectronics, Nanotechnology ) with : Computing facility Scanning probe microscopy facility (ExCELSiOR centre) Materials processing and microfabrication facility-cleanroom Ensemble, ré-inventons le monde Dept. of Physics & Nanosciences

21 Acoustics Ensemble, ré-inventons le monde 21 Acoustic metamaterials & Phononic crystals – Superlenses / Cloaking / RF filters Transducers Ultrasonics – Cavitation / High Power ultrasonics Sound perception – Sound barrier / Bone conduction Facilities – FEM simulations (Developer of ATILA Software) – Acoustic tank

22 MEMS for télécommunications RF resonators, RF filters for mobile communications Bio-MEMS Microsensors (ERC grant) Bio-chips Single cell analysis Detection of parasites in liquids Lab-on-chip Viability analysis of Cryptosporidium oocysts by impedance spectroscopy Microtechnologies Ensemble, ré-inventons le monde 22

23 Microelectronic systems, Automation, Robotics & Telecom Non- conventional MOS architectures and beyond - Non conventional Technology for Thermoelectric conversion (ERC Grant) - Flexible Electronics (Labex) Analog/Digital circuits for communication Digital RF processing RF / mmW convergence ULP RF for wireless sensor networks Cooperative Mobile Robotics Localization and environmental perception Trajectory planification & monitoring Cooperation strategies Assistance to Disabled (wheelchair) Ensemble, ré-inventons le monde

24 More Moore  Metallic source/drain MOSFETs More-than-Moore  VLS growth of crystalline Si blades  Nanowires for gas detection  High performance flexible electronics (LABEX)  Non conventional thermoelectrics (ERC Grant) Technology for Advanced CMOS and Enhanced Functionalities IEMN ISEN

25 Ensemble, ré-inventons le monde Mobile Cooperative Robotics Localization and perception of the environment Path planning and tracking Cooperation strategies between the robots of the swarm Application Assisted navigation for powered wheelchairs Autonomous navigation for a swarm of mobile robots Robot City – Euratechnologies Robber vs policemen game Collaboration with NON-A team – INRIA Lille Europe Robotics

26  Digital RF flexible transmitter architectures Applications : smartphones - tablets base stations - satellites  Low-power transceiver architectures for mmW communication systems Applications : High data rate wireless video streaming Instant downloading Integrated Circuit Design for Communications

27 Computer Science Ensemble, ré-inventons le monde Multi-agent systems Meta reasoning based on multi-agent systems Meta-platform : implement, test and validate agent based applications Application to various contexts : Smart-home: better living environment for elderly and disabled people I-Stay@Home Intereg ProjectI-Stay@Home Showroom apartment in 2014 Real time path planning: Intelligent Wheel chair path planning Traffic – related path planning (Thales partnership)

28 Ensemble, ré-inventons le monde 28 Key Figures 94%: Rate of placement under Permanent Employment Contract 4 months after the release 1723 students trained per year 2.9 million € Chiffre d’affaires annuel (Contrats de Recherche) 34,000 €: starting annual salary

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