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1 End Restart The question is...

2 End Restart If God exists, He has chosen not to let himself be tested using scientific methods. We can’t observe Him or see what happens if He’s not there. So does this mean there’s no evidence or reason to believe He does exist? Does God exist?

3 End Restart Our Universe is amazing. Scientists say, if they could build a Universe, they’d build it like this one! Was this Universe planned by a Designer? Religious scientists think so. One reason people give when they explain why they think God exists is the idea of Design

4 End Restart Our Earth is sometimes called the ‘Goldilocks planet’. This is the place where everything is ‘just right’ for life. There’s water, warmth and everything that’s needed for life to start. But that’s not all, our whole universe seems set up for life to happen, with stars to provide light and gravity to hold planets together. It’s amazing it all turned out like this! Not to scale

5 End Restart The Cosmological argument: Religious scientists say that the Universe seems to be following a plan. God always intended that it would produce stars, then planets, then our planet with water and an atmosphere, then plants, then animals, then us.

6 End Restart To summarise, here are a few of the reasons that people give when they explain why they believe in God. The value of the teachings in religious texts Design and the cleverness of nature Our enquiring minds and love of science and art. Personal experiences of God’s presence Religious scientists see science itself as a reason to say that God exists. God created a universe which can be explored using science and He gave humans a passion for exploring.

7 End Restart So although it’s not possible to produce scientific evidence for God’s existence, religious people do have reasons to think He exists. God exists

8 End Restart In the end, on the question of whether God exists, it is for each of us to decide whether there are more reasons to believe God exists or more reasons to believe there is no God. What do you think? God doesn’t exist God exists

9 End Restart And now you’ve finished this section! Close the window and see what’s next.

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