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An overview of theatrical lighting.

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1 An overview of theatrical lighting.
Let There Be Light! An overview of theatrical lighting.

2 Fresnel Used to create a “flood” or “wash” of light
Specially designed lens focuses the light in one direction Circular beam of light Typical theatre wattage: 500w

3 PAR Can Parabolic Aluminized Reflector
Creates a “flood” or “wash” of light Only fixture with an oval beam Typical theatre wattage: 1000w (PAR 64) or 500w (PAR 56)

4 Ellipsoidal Reflector Spotlight (ERS)
AKA “ellipsoidal” or “Leko” Versatile fixture that creates a circular spotlight Has two focal points, giving it the ability to project images Typical theatre wattage: 575w or 750w

5 Followspot Operated manually by followspot operator
High intensity beam that focuses on performers Operator can change color, iris size, and focus

6 How Electricity Works

7 How Electricity Works Electricity has to form a circuit
Think of electricity as having to run around a racetrack At the bottom of the racetrack is the power source At the top of the racetrack is the lamp (light bulb) To the right of the racetrack is the light switch (dimmers) If the switch is on (closed circuit) the electricity can pass through to the lamp If the switch is off (open circuit) the electricity stops at the switch and can’t continue

8 Dimming Dimmers are like heavy duty switches
They control the intensity of the light fixtures (i.e. how bright they are, or how much power they are receiving) Standard theatrical dimmers are rated at either 1200 watts (1.2kw) or watts (2.4kw)

9 Circuits The cables connected to the dimmer pack that the light fixtures are plugged in to. The three most common connector (plug) types in theatre are: Stage Pin Edison Twist Lock

10 Lighting Console Communicates with the dimmers in order to control the function of the light fixtures Tells the dimmers to turn on and off …at what intensity …at what rate (time) …how often Can be programmed to create effects cues such as lightning strikes or chase sequences Uses a protocol called DMX-512 to communicate with dimmers and certain light fixtures or accessories

11 Lighting Effects Gel – A plastic film that changes the color of the light Color Scroller – an accessory that scrolls through a series of different colored gels that are strung together; makes one light fixture able to produce several different colors of light Gobo – A pattern that is projected through an ellipsoidal light fixture Intelligent Lighting (or Moving Lights) – a light fixture that has the capability of moving the beam of light; moving and rotating different gobos or lithos; and changing the color of the beam

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